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Ence vs. Astralis
lol ence are becoming like mibr fans now..
Why ENCE is better than Astralis
time will tell when ence finally get to meet mibr lol
Why ENCE is better than Astralis
lol im not comparing astrails to mibr im saying mibr and liquid are better than ence.
Why ENCE is better than Astralis
there is the proof lol
Why ENCE is better than Astralis
come on mateeeeeee... yes ence are on a roll and doing well but saying their better than Astralis is just a lie... thier doing good but no way near the level of Astralis or even liquid or mibr for tha...
rank 1 player of 2018
/open aw yes 100 percent /closed
Astralis worst player had
4-6 more months of dominance and then slowing down abit in the middle of 2019 i think.. but with this lineup they will always be a top 5 team competing at a high level getting to finals, winning troph...
Astralis worst player had
non of them are wrose they all need eachother otherwise it would not work they all play a key role in this killing machine of dominance.. even device on his passive awping style thats the perfect way ...
Best Country Lineups
what about dan? hes probably their best player :D
Best Country Lineups
cool mate watch abit of this.. its nice to change it up abit and watch the pro teams in a diff game FAze are doing well c9 and liquid too :D
Best Country Lineups
ye i forgot. cant get right take up the role? he looks like a man of intelligence and composure i bet he could do a good job
Best Country Lineups
Best Country Lineups
and maybe jw for a dedicated awper? man i miss jw he was a beast in 2015
Best Country Lineups
DENMARK Xy9px magisk dupreeh Gla1ve Device RIP