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Respect FalleN!
Correct. Some of these people are known as fnx's widow.. they blamed fallen for kicking. fnx seems to have a better reputation than fallen being undisciplined, unmotivated, lacking intelligence, never...
nothing is going to happen ... he will only try to approve reforms against the fiscal crisis
Where did you see that?
It will not happen in the next few decades. Brazil is a culturally protectionist country. The government is very fat with thousands (maybe millions) of unnecessary public jobs that need high taxes. Th...
Brazil Fascism
This is embarrassing. the electoral court is an independent institution that needs the support of the military police (standard police) to comply with the law. Both parties had content removed in many...
Youtube hacked!
just kidding
Youtube hacked!
"A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation" rascist hack? rs
Bolsonaro x Haddad. BR Politics
The American media is against Trump ... the problem is that they do not know about our alternative ... that is the communist misery with the same model of Venezuela. Basically they are all a copy of R...
Bolsonaro x Haddad. BR Politics
He's an ignoramus or hypocrite ... he had no Maduro on the list. Roger Waters covered a dictatorship that generated a humanitarian crisis where almost 3 million left the country fleeing poverty. (10% ...
Bolsonaro x Haddad. BR Politics
WTF!!!! Kim Kataguiri bad guy????
Bolsonaro x Haddad. BR Politics
Bolsonaro is harmless ... but is suffering from media attacks and the interest of large corporations in Brazil that rely on government money. Americans do not understand that Brazil financed dictators...
Bolsonaro policies
Politics is already impregnated in the country. Schools teach that the left helps the poor and that the right is the capitalist who profits over the poor. Most of the artists received during a decade ...
Bolsonaro policies He is conservative .. against legalization of drugs, abortion. Against educational policy that teach to childrens (6yrs) about sexuality. Agai...