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wars your country lost
The one against corruption and criminals :( F.
bondik to Cloud9?
I mean, the guy played for TyLoo before ayy
MiBR 200 iq ?????????????????????????????
Is u a fuckyou or stoOpid?
MiBR 200 iq ?????????????????????????????
Lmaooo but Faceit London can’t be taken seriously the real deal is KATOWICE 2019
compLexity vs BIG
I mean, both Liquid and coL got into playoffs with 3-0 score man don’t know but 2 NA teams doing that good? NA improving a lot.
coldzera: "This doesn't feel like a major"
KevinGatesYo: “I like sucking other men’s dick and balls and proud of being a no lifer” Thoughts on this loser boys? Hahaha pathetic XDDD
China average IQ: 105
IKR? FeelsBadMan :(
worst city in your country??
I feel my dick connected to your butt how about that?
CS Dying
This^^^^^^** +9999
China average IQ: 105
turkey and russia come here
If you wanna learn even more just start reading. You are fine I guess but still could improve your grammar skills and your skills to make up sentences correctly.
how long does sex last?
Usually I last about 30-45 min, but when I’m tired my dick will eventually go soft and sometimes when I’m really, really tired I just can’t finish and won’t cum. And I think you should be fine, defin...
Eminem (DISS from MGK)
Lmaooo look at all these Portuguese flags LOOOOOL they got mad boy.
Your favorite movie
Man I’m subscribing to this thread, I’m seeing many movies that once I wanted to watch but forgot to... BUMP