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S1mple ultra bait
is this pic supposed to prove he couldnt kill him?= LMAO thats 20x more head showing than peeking d2 long but i guess ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO SHOOT IT
flusha's tax fraud
lmao take it more srsly iT'S a JoKE
flusha's tax fraud
low overall moral. doesnt play by the rules, ingame, outside game... just what ever it takes for him to gain the most.
m4a1 vs m4a4 serious
just read ur own post and u wouldnt blame me for it))
m4a1 vs m4a4 serious
well maybe u should srsly looking to it if u get it that often ))
m4a1 vs m4a4 serious
lmao u say ppl who play m4a1-s dont prefer other weapons over it and then u proceed to write this full length novel that has nothing to do with it. did u forget to take ur medication?
m4a1 vs m4a4 serious
what? nobody has preferred m4 over ak since the a1-s nerf. nobody. maybe in ur silver games but no real cs player.
i think c9 thinks they did go for him since they got player from astralis to play aggressive rifle/entry. idk how henry still hasnt notice he signed the wrong guy
Legendary maps bring back
there is reason no tournament has picked it up after the update. i mean it was the most played map in faceit for me still until like a month ago so ppl really used to like it.
Jamppi lawsuit update?!
lmao. yes they have access to this data but 100% sure they are not running backgroundchecks on t3 players like jamppi was at the time.
Jamppi lawsuit update?!
and 99% were not stupid enough to get caught like this. like did he fucking email valve that he has an other account or what? lmao
USA elections
not in 3rd world countries like us
USA elections
im not saying any party is cheating, idc who wins. all im saying is that the votes are meaningless and the decisions are made elsewhere. and coz they havent yet announced bidens win trump might even b...
USA elections
cba to dig it up again but isnt it kinda fucking obv when biden has wayyyy more votes than obamas record yet they are fucking 50/50 still and also how the fuck would average american even make it to t...