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IBP ban
IBP ban
Personally, I would - n0thing + Swag. Shroud still has time to turn it around, n0thing has had his time, imo. He's a good guy and was a good player, once upon a time, but it just isn't happening for h...
As a fan, I don't care how we play as long as we can compete. Personally, I preferred the days when we played this way. I would change some of the players we have too. We have good players but they do...
We need to start playing our old skool brand of football, counter-attacking based on a solid defence. This possession game is fucking us. Last time we won the league (in fact, every time we have won t...
Bored of CS:GO. Game suggestions?
It has been reborn....it's called 'Line of Sight'. Check it out!
Bored of CS:GO. Game suggestions?
This^^^ Or, if you can't wait that long and want a game now, that is free to play, then Line of Sight is pretty fun. Kind of a cross between COD and CS. Even has a map (Savanna Flu, or something li...
4:3 - bb or streched?
I have used 1024x768 stretched since I started playing CS a couple of years ago, it works best for me. Gotta have quick reactions as player models seem like they move faster, but they are also fatter/...
stretched or black bars?
It's all personal preference. For me it's stretched, but for others it's BB. Use whatever you excel with.
Why Skadoodle isn't banned?
Didn't accept his part of the skins the team won. He was involved in the game, but when your 4 teammates are throwing what exactly do you do? Not much you can do.
He has improved with rifles, for sure...but he's an AWPer really.
[18+] Rate Anna Nystrom
Evil Geniuses to pickup Maikelele's team.
Maikelele's team
No idea who the 5th will be...maybe Pita, or as a coach at least. Org will likely be LGB as they tweeted "BIG NEWS coming in 2017" at some point, i'm pretty sure.
Most kills ever got in a pro game?
He did....on CT side....on Cobble!!
Build a team
Ahh, ok. Then i'm the idiot as I didn't read the points for everyone! xD