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pubg finally dead
lmao shroud has to find a new game to stream
still my favourite show of all time and I watched alot of shows that are treated as 'the best' like breaking bad, the wire, true detective etc. but none of them had the emotional impact on me that LOS...
Top 5 tv series
omar comin yo TriHard
is this legit?
who falls for skin scams in 2018 lmao
Gameplay FIFA 19
i can't even see a difference could be free dlc tbh
SunNy shoes
Philipp Plein stuff is hella ugly
Best footballer ever?
Jay-Jay Okocha was a beast back then and really underrated imo
Rate Freya
r8 this girl
i came
Vireo.pro vs Swole Patrol
vireo.pro > virtus.pro
Rate my Beat again :D
np man I know the struggle I tried producing aswell but it's really hard if you're not into music theory or haven't learned to play an instrument as a kid but I think you can learn it by yourself if ...
Rate my Beat again :D
Drums, Percussions, 808 is all lit but I think the melody sounds kinda too creepy for dem afro trap vibes other than that it's dope
Clockwork 5
I think it's bad I appreciate the amount of work she put into it and I know it took her several months but I think the outcome wasn't worth it at all there is no plot whatsoever, everything feels lif...
why do people still care about him I don't get it he will never make it into the pro scene this guy is full of shit
overrated due to one good perfomance where he dropped 50 kills in OT on overpass since then i haven't seen a good perfomance from him lmao one hit wonder