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he should consider you for the role instead
2pac vs biggie
biggie better flow
no not atm but it got datamined already so it's coming soon just play with randoms and go solo doesn't really matter that much tbh you can win easily with randoms or just play with friends lul
why tf play fortnite in 2019 when you have apex legends
apex legends = cs go dying reason
Apex Legends
wow another BR game will die within a week just hyped bc it's f2p and came out of the blue
[+18] Juliano HOT
[nob8] Juliano ass
nice track man
smash 5 story mode
man it's just plain boring stickers mode from smash 4 all over again. sakurai himself even said it's more about "fun" than story, so there is no real story mode at all most disappointing direct of all...
Smash direct XDDDDD
sakurai 10/10 troll
s1mple new mouse again
true zowie is plastic shit but everyone knows logitech is better in almost every aspect people just buy zowie because of shape
lol my ec2-b has this sensor spinning bug as well using my ec2-a again which still works flawless
COD Black Ops 4
dafuq that's not even true played the mp and blackout beta and it played exactly like advanced warfare, black ops 3 and infinity warfare stop hyping this game for br it will be dead in a few months a...
COD Black Ops 4
lol why cod is exactly the same since ages still the same old 2005 engine looks and plays exactly like every other cod don't be butthurt cod fanboy
COD Black Ops 4
I don't think it's worth it tbh bought cod ww2 last year and it was just fun for like 2 weeks, got repetitive really fast and player numbers decreased drastically week by week. I doubt br mode will ch...