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NA cops (18+)
I'm not saying that the cop was right to kill him. But if that dumbass didn't resist the cop and attack him he wouldn't get shot.
NA cops (18+)
Easy to say now man, you weren't there. He had already tazed him and the fucker kept on attacking him. And what's he gonna do? Run around the parking lot while the "emo kid" chases him until backup ar...
NA cops (18+)
That "emo kid" could've easily had a knife in his pocket or some shit, doesn't fucking matter if the cop is 10 times bigger than him a knife would win any fight. And i already agreed with you that he ...
NA cops (18+)
Yeah i agree that cops in America are power hungry but this guy doesn't seem to be that innocent. A innocent man doesn't fight back and lunge at a Police officer, that's common knowledge
NA cops (18+)
He did get tazed, just not in this clip and why should the cop put himself at risk by going hand to hand combat with him? True tho that the cop didn't have to fill his ass with 9 bullets but the dude ...
NA cops (18+)
Oh please. "He was backing off" When he got fucking shot yeah, but not when he lunged at the police and disobeyed his orders. This clip is just when he got fucked, it doesn't show to full story when t...
NA cops (18+)
How hard is it to obey the cops? You fuck with the police you bite the dust not hard to understand, fucking trash deserved to get shot
azk he is the north american player but the titan he is the french stars
Just google the Swedish empire and you'll get your answer
Steelseries Rival 100
Good mouse, but you should invest a bit more and buy the rival 310. Superb mouse
NiP PLS explain this then lol
why nazism is banned
Don't you mean 1000000000 gazillion?
why nazism is banned