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Music watch the music video and see if you're understanding it, its dope as fuck
NAVI Junior vs Astralis Talent
16-8 16-10 2-0 navi
NAVI Junior vs Astralis Talent
50-50 odds on astralis? what in gods name is this should be 1.15 for navi, astralis wont win shit
Astralis Talent vs fnatic Rising
hahah you're even making a bigger fool of yourself typing this
Astralis Talent vs fnatic Rising
did you just say astralis talent has a 50% chance to win? oh man or i guess with the logic, either they win or lose = 50% chance because they're the worst team to ever touch hltv
Astralis Talent vs fnatic Rising
Astralis Talent vs BIG Academy
how are astralis talent ranked #110 ?? they win 1/10 games
NAVI Junior vs Astralis Talent
nvm i take it back, they're still trash stop inviting this fucking astralis talent team lmao
NAVI Junior vs Astralis Talent
i believe in astralis talent, they can win a game!!
trace takes over as Astralis Talent coach
Maybe astralis talent can win a match now?
r8 this banger
still 300x better than any current "hip-hop"
stop betting my friend it will ruin your life
if anyone says they're a fulltime bettor and make a living out of it, its a lie.. to 99% and then theres 1%, that are probably multi millionaires and able to make it possible my recommendation is ...
MAD Lions vs SKADE
ML the weirdest team i've ever seen play, its unclear if they're actually good or not Cause they seem to get in impossible lose situations all the time and somehow still manage to fuck it up
4glory vs Tricked
c0llins underdog? lol so ez +19