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Incredible that these teams are qualifying before the big names. Hopefully, Tyloo qualifies tomorrow if they don’t manage to win this. They’ve tried many times. This has to be it.
fnatic vs Winstrike
Without Xizt, NiP have flourished against lower tier teams. Now that Fnatic have Xizt, I see the same thing that always ruined NiP. Sorry, Xizt. But it’s true.
Cloud9 vs BIG
HOW IS CLOUD 9 DOING THIS? Or is it BiG with their faulty plays?
Thoughts on USA?
"Only blacks have a hard time living here because they expect stuff to be handed to them." Such an ignorant claim.
Top 20 players 2018
Your opinion needs to be checked. Rain should not be in the top 5. Honestly, your whole top 12 needs to be reconsidered.
NRG vs Liquid
Liquid have become gods on Overpass.
Astralis vs MIBR
"Pushing randomly" Surely you understand why he pushed. He heard the deploy of two grenades, realizing two were behind the smoke. He further calculated that one was closer meaning that he could bypas...
Astralis vs MIBR
AN INSANE AMOUNT OF TECHNICAL PAUSES. Address the components that may have issues before the match!
North vs NRG
So painful!
Astralis vs mousesports
If Mouz converted two more gun rounds, this would of been a different story. So indecisive. FeelsBad. On to the next!
Astralis vs mousesports
Explain. What implication makes you think that they are lying? This is all speculation. If Faceit organizers look into this and manage the situation, then we will know. For now, stop it. It's honestly...
Astralis vs mousesports
The comment section is disgusting. Just because Astralis won this grueling, back and forth game doesn't mean they are "cheating". Stop being mentally ill.
FaZe vs MIBR
Olof showing us glimpses of his true form.
FaZe vs MIBR
The lack of maturity in this comment section. Tighten up people, it is not that serious.
Very sad.