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Easy Major Win
Gr8 B8 , Now tell me where are the UK teams?
fucking LG
Nop you are not the only one,we also annoyed Americans,Sweedishs and Polish people ^_^
respect LG
I Have respect for u tho,i can tell the difference between a fan and a troll trying to make a country seems bad
Why so many toxic childrens in this site?
Best definition ever.
New major championship
Your country
Football,Carnaval and big juicy asses
LG fans
"Look they've called us Monkeys just because we are brazilians lets talk shit about their team and them see the butthurt"
Thats passion... We are passionated by things,tell me when u are in love with something/someone dont you defend it? i know brazilian fans are really annoying sometimes but its not like its easy being ...
Dude what do you have against us? srsly just tell me. We are made of flesh just like you,we bleed when we get stabbed just like the others,why dos european fans hate brazilians so much?
Dude just cut your ear off,we are gonna scream as loud as we can cuz we have a passion and no european asshole are going to keep this away from us.(Nothing against europeans guys,its just that most of...
FNX cheated in 1.6 - Proof inside.
I Dont get people that love to go against their own country and i'll probably never will.
FNX cheated in 1.6 - Proof inside.
He cheated on 1.6 soooo...?
FNX cheated in 1.6 - Proof inside.
Whats the point of this?
So,giving love to the fans is acting like he's good?i feel sorry for you,you probably only watch cs go to know the results and to know if you gonna win some skins,here in brazil is different we are pa...
Luminosity vs INTZ
People expect cogu to play like a god,the reality is that he's learning cs go mechanics,FNX took 1 year to become as good as he was on 1.6,brazilian fans dont care about the fact that cogu just joined...