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kjaerbye legs WTF
kjaerbye legs WTF
But I played hockey and basketball all my life, lol. We're talking about some unathletic CSGO player. His legs are the same type that fat women have, cankles.
kjaerbye legs WTF
Lol those legs are disgusting and have no definition. He's clearly fat.
Fox to SK confirmed
Wow dude you're very perspective.
Atheists COME #3
There is lots of chaos in space, and lots of chaos ensued after the Big Bang. The entire laws of physics that we know of now were broken seconds after the Big Bang. The Big Bang and its consequences h...
worst csgo pros
What are you talking about? Zeus' individual skill is horrible.
-rubino pls heroic
It's honestly so weird how he fell off the face of the earth, I remember him being so fucking sick. But I agree Heroic need to rebuild.
mouz with s1mple
He wants to leave Na'Vi, they got greedy with the negotiations for flamie with sk so the deal fell through.
Best movement?!
Are you that stupid that you don't realize Na'Vi fucked up the negotiations by being greedy? Richard Lewis basically confirmed this.
ceRq's shot
Out of all the hyped kids in this game, Cerq is by far the most skilled.
5 Zeus vs 5 Karrigans
I'm not talking about his history, right now Zeus' skill is horrible.
5 Zeus vs 5 Karrigans
Zeus is one of the worst individual players in the scene.
s1mple attention whore
How would you feel being the best and 2 bots are holding your team back?
s1mple 12$ mil buyout
Edward is just a throw-in.