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Noflagger cuz no Black-White-Red Flag for Germany.

Black-Red-Gold is a trash flag.
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100T wasted spot?
guys its just a trollbait.
if you could ban 3 words
What about the droid attack on the wookies?
[18+] if your girlfriend cheated on you
Forget and move on. Everything else would be a waste of energy and time.
Is God Real?
God is busy getting gang banged.
Woxic is always inconsistent online. He plays with kebab net and 100 ping
After you said sides to 0, everyone knew that you are from south eastern europe. Why do you guys have all the same haircut? And its not even looking good, sides to 0, alot of wax on top
2-3 months. Looking good with shorter hair and a bit longer. Cutting the lines myself so it does not look outgrown.
EU people cum
We are all dying :/
Doesn't matter, will upload my brain on a computer soon. Finally 24/7 hltv shitposting.
proud indian AM fucking A
There was an event in the news that two 6 year old girls were claped to death by some men for shitting on the street in some village. Sounds bad. Government says there are still alot of rural houses ...
Poland got nobel today
Lul, she got death threads by retards from poland who didnt like her most recent books
Fuck Terörist!
Turkish gouvernemnt once again the worst at it. This time payed online trolls.
Germany not safe anymore?
Then someone drives a truck into you. Land is done, split apart by bollocks people
Europeans, come here
Great Idea. Removing all native inhabitants of a land stripe and settle 2 million other people there. I bet that will work just fine without any kind of problem at all. Because you know: People just...
Turkey haters come here
Your country supported ISIS for 4 years, you keep supporting murdering fanatic terrorists in Idlib but now the YPG are the new terrorist group to fight. Omegalul. Were was Turkey when Kobane, a City...