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Dignitas vs Heretics
Nice ak nametag xms :D "rozjebywacz zjebow"
CS GO totally broken
Dunno why - I even asked one of my colleagues to check whether link works and he said it is fine
CS GO totally broken
I forgot to add link xD https://vimeo.com/user91543804/review/299869894/88076aa6a9
HellRaisers vs North
Did anyone notice that even tough round score has been stuck because of the pause money they received 2700 instead of 2300 after losing at score 10:9?
Did anyone clip Jame doing the weirdest thing Ive recently seen? I mean he suddenly Deicided to score into a walk in the middle on A site whole there was 1 t DIRECTLY on opponent
aAa vs LPSP
Well I have seen dozens of various cs go matches but after round 28th Im 100% they throw it, the thing is they did it like retards ... I mean they makr it So obvious - the only way to beat them would ...
SIXER o m g
Did anyone spot the fact he didnt purchase anything at 15:11? He went for an usp with a flash xDD He bought like after 10 seconds
Astralis vs mousesports
My last 3bets: SK vs LG -> Thought LG may finally win as SK is playing with stand-in, they most likely have a jet lag and just came from won LAN, abyway I tought LG are shit and will most likely lose...
Natus Vincere vs Space Soldiers
Navi is so bad, literally, the reason why they r winning is because SS are dumb as fuck
Movistar Riders vs ex-Outlaws
Good job mopoz, go back to mm
Tengri vs Quantum Bellator Fire
T4? Look like a random 5v5 faceit 7-8 lvl. Seriosuly, skill is really average, nothing special, teamwork doesnt exist and seems like noone is giving info to each other xD Thats how usually playing a f...
AVANGAR vs Quantum Bellator Fire
I have never ever seen worse "pro team than qbf, literally ...