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If nobody likes to work
modern slavery meight, u dont work u dont eat u die.
girl from school!
pictures pleaz men, for school project.
fullbody workout?
is there even a difference from smith mashine squats? literally all the same movements.
When go to bed?
just get ur fkin ass out of bed, its that easy when the alarm rings. ur life can't be that boring.
When go to bed?
well clearly u set an alarm. u could even set and alarm at 10 when going to bed at 3 in the morning, but people just lazy.
When go to bed?
fixing ur sleeping schedule is the easist thing to do, but ur just lacking willpower. stay awake 24 hours or more go to bed at 8 in the evening eee voila.
“big ass”
i like em shaped like a peach and firm and not wobble fat like its trending nowadays, thanks to kim k and nicki minaj
why military?
trust me they can, sooner or later they will.
Celebrity deaths
just cuz hes famous we should care more about their deaths than when a child dies of hunger cuz of corrupted ass leader? as long the world thinks like this, we will have a huge problem. ofc they are i...
ONLY University students allowed
pathetic little rascals, when did it become cool to be smart. fkin wankers. we used to be the kings in school. never visiting school more than 3 times a week and if we did we only made everyone laugh...
Men prefer tall girls is just a Ethiopian thing?
well since im 2.05cm i would say, yes i dont wanna bend down when i have to hold my womans hand.
He's not that wrong, tbh you can't really cure cancer since its part of your body, but THC and many other non drug related things can also stop the spread and reproduction of that cells. Cannabis also...
only reason it illegal cuz it makes u lazy and unproductive and a slave mashine that has to function in todays society will not get shit done at work.
Zwarte Piet Netherlands
like wtf how special snowflake did the world become. soon everything is banned u cant do shit anymore.