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Biography of your life
until 16 everything was fine played football,skated all day then my parents divorced i got kinda off track started with taking and selling drugs with 20 i started to visit box gym and now im 22 and ha...
Girls taller than you
i dont think there is a girl taller than me :D
how 2 respect authority?
i have already this job where i can do what i want as cook this was just a part time gig i dont care about this. but when i see a lazy guy in the kitchen i will tell him 3times with respect before i a...
how 2 respect authority?
here you can just sign up on some company that part time lets u make some money with catering if u work in gastronomy and the higher ur education the higher u will be paid.
how 2 respect authority?
but that's not me, i have hard time being someone else, i went through alot of shit and i know everyone's faith is the same at the end. so i really cant respect anyone who doesnt show me respect.
how 2 lick da pussy?
crazy how fast they grow up.
What is love?
love for me is when the girl is just as dumb and stupid and can laugh about herself all the time. and also u can trust eachother and all this stuff
give me the name of a movie !!
yes more like a confused person like why would anyone get the idea of filming this :O
Trump just fucked his party
the reality is thats not a party thats just a diguise for the lobbyists behind everything.
so high on drugs
just wait for depri dinsdag and btw u should not mention it cuz its not cool. do drugs and dont brag about it please, dont be that guy .
give me the name of a movie !!
serbian movie, dunno why but i saw this 2 days ago and cant get it out of my head this child scene changed me as person :(
Overwatch League?
well blizzard was always known to put on a big show, lets see how far this game goes.
Classical music
i love all music types that have no lyrics, lyrics fuck with my head to much.
What kind of girls are liked in your country?
i dont care look if shes crazy and stupid like me i love her but its hard to fine this one cuz my iq is literally like a stone.
Believe in god!
hell cant be worse than MM during the week when kids have hollidays, so who cares.