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fashion kids come here!
In my nephew's case he just sad and depressed as fuck if they don't buy him the stuff he wants. He's a solo child. She he has all the freedom in the world. I remember back in the days I would ask my d...
literally the only festival with hardcore in oisterwijk :D
haha and for a reason :D
Hardcore/Frenchcore/Psytrance starts at 20 second
beauty standard
a girl that injects plastic in her body is most likely also putting 5kg makeup in their face ^^
Problem with schools
go for 10km run everyday and u won't need any meds anymore. ive been there 4 years on meds while in reality i just needed to hit the gym and once i hit the gym it was all gone. humans are not made fo...
Problem with schools
not really cuz if u depend on meds, well u can figure it out urself.
Problem with schools
schools are rather funny, they make u sit still on your ass for 8-9 hours a day, then they claim u have some ADHD and put you on some meds to be more obedient in class but in reality u just need to do...
The Weeknd
literally every artist in this time :( quantity > quality nowadays.
crypto is no bueno!
until we have solar panels running the show everywhere, we have a big energy problem.
crypto is no bueno!
i mean u gotta be a retard to not see that running 10000 mashines to mine 0.1 bitcoin is a problem energy wise.
Lille gg
this corona football is so boring, no soul, no passion nothing behind it. football is just like tennis without crowd.
nightlife after corona!
its crazy its a 10 week old husky pup and girls just go crazy on it.