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TOP 6 99,99%
guess u r right
TOP 6 99,99%
its not always like that, for example Im olofs fanboy, I even have his golden sticker on my asiimov and Im alwqys cheering for him but Im always honest about ...
Always wanted to do this post
investing is much better than betting...I honestly just wanted to try my luck :D I believed that fxy0 can potentially carry :D but whatever not gonna bet anymore to "get my 30€ back"
Always wanted to do this post
Always wanted to do this post
I would tap that ass
[16+] Am I decent ?
funny that it looks like you have fcking big ass send but in reality you have a low one, but those were just some random frags, no one can say how good you actually are just from this
C9 Sneaky
I would tap that ass
FIFA Scandal ?
everyone who sayis things like "200 iq play" and another bs can go fuck themselves...this is straight bullshit, 0 sportsmanship fuck everyone who does things like this in anything
18+ Kennys’s sister
proof? like, is it form her ig ro what?
Lemme guess ur IQ
Name: Matúš Country: Slovakia Food: All italian food Map: Train Im olofmeisters fanboi so basically any team he plays on
hard question
I like this team a lot actually
I though this "top user" shit ended a few years ago
car hit my dog
not really, price was loosing something we loved
car hit my dog
That happend to me a few years ago, our whole family cried and he still tried to make everything better and wanted us to be happy, Im there with you mate