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r8 pokimane
6.5/10 I've seen better girls on my college campus. also she has a doll face, like it's kinda creepy
Ninja best gamer?
bet he wouldn't even make it out open. his aim just wouldn't be good enough.
Is she 10/10?
do you even know what average is??? not every girl looks like this, I can walk outside my dorm right now and won't find a girl that looks like this...
Thai Girl Help
Nah i'd just stay away from that, something looks off about her/him.
Being rejected by a girl
hopefully I don't get rejected, met this pretty ass girl in class today and we went out to lunch and talked for a couple of hours, haven't made a move yet but all seems good.
Girl on tinder HELP
easy bro, get on the couch and get comfy with her everything else will happen on it's own.
Thoorin wtf
thooorin really dgaf.
HellRaisers vs mousesports
you need a life man, stop talking to yourself.
r8 girl
looks like a kid man, chill out.
Your dream country?
Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, or Iceland
sex with lights on or off???
just have a dim light on or lights off, never have a fully bright light on it's weird this ain't porn.
sleep schedule fix
like others said, you have to stay up until the next day then go to bed early. edit: also try not to take naps during the day it can mess ur your sleep schedule and you won't be tired at the end of th...
I'm 24
hahaha flame this man
EVO 2018
yeah people play it online I don't know how many but I never have trouble finding a match, could be different depending on what region you're from though.
EVO 2018
ofc, tbh I think fighting games have the highest potential to be the most successful/popular esport. It is way more entertaining to watch then cs, lol, dota, ow, etc... edit: also way more fun to pla...