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Germany LOL
LOL wtf, you can't seriously be happy with the team atm. It's like all germans forgot how to play football from one day to another. Guess we will see you guys in the B-league soon.
Best team chemistry
KnG FNS Fer fnx Smooya Thorin as coach
FaZe Fix
Nah Turkey, you don't get it. Astralis are miles ahead of any other team.
r8 me thread
Pretty sure its real, otherwise it would not have become a meme. At least you have better looks, so lesser chance being called "Mission Impossible boy"
r8 me thread
Would be sad to be the next locker Boy. This is how it started
top 5 awpers
well I think so, and think other pro players will agree and probably also put Fallen on the list.
i have a confession hltv
expected swedish flag
top 5 awpers
He is the only guy in faze who keeps delivering, strongly disagree.
Just tell em' they are your bitch, and tell them to go fuck off when they ask you something, in the end the curry will stop calling.
How to keep away from changing settings
Just change the color of the crosshair or something random. I dont have this problem, i still use an icemat for cs
Twitch chat bans :(
That has nothing to do with vaccines, i believe this kind of retardedness runs in his family. Autists should not be allowed to have sex.
Twitch chat bans :(
Ban deserved
Great. Now go find a job
-Thooorin as analyst?
Would love to see him at every event. High class entertainment and banter, shitty analyser and predictions.
I'm a Muslim, Ask me anything.
So lets say a man is married to this woman. Then he finds out she has been having sex with multiple strangers while they were married. How do you think the man should handle this situation?