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Putin , is he a clown or a hero ?
Well as others proclaimed. He is a thief, but I do understand why so many Russians are happy having him as a president. He seems like a good leader and often comes out on top when he is having meeting...
do you think csgo pros cheat? #2
So when the Russian government claimed they had no involvment in Crimea, that was also true? No Flusha did not get caught, but just seems funny how he went from #1 or #2 in the world, to not even bei...
do you think csgo pros cheat? #2
Do not try to state own opinions as a fact. Just because nobody was convicted for cheating doesn't mean cheating wasn't around. Personally I would say people who don't believe Flusha was cheating in 2...
Liquid grand final killers
Funny how Astralis again and again seems to win almost every opening duel with no skills.
problem with csgo ranks
A ranking system in 1.6 was made by kills/deaths. That was the most horrible site to play ever. Your team would just camp out in a corner not giving a shit about you. They just wanted points. Ruined t...
Why hate device
Why does everybody think Trace was such a god? Yes he was good, but Sunde was the real danish cs god.
Fortnite > CSGO
If you can't aim in cs go = you die if you can't aim in fortnite = build a house
Fortnite > CSGO
Weeb kid with no friends playing minecraft on speed < CS GO
Fortnite > CSGO
All i made from this topic is you don't have any friends in Fortnite. Quite sad, but i wouldn't want to be friends with a dude who posts about fortnite on a cs forum either, so it makes sense.
Best danish rosters
k0nfig Jugi valde snappi niko
Real MVP was Kjaerbye for leaving, so this team could happen.
blamef next s1mple???
Not even close :) blame have been playing for a long, but he is not pro material good as far as I know
Yeah they win by only holding angles. Nice gamesense you got there. But expected from 3rd world
Depends on if the other teams are willing to improve their teamwork, but as it is for now with just rotataing people around in different teams and don't think about the communication and chemistry I t...
Well Astralis set a new bar to what a team can accomplish by playing smart cs and use teamwork. I think it is beautiful and shows that cs can be taken to another level. But ofc there will always be fa...