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minmum wage?
Well you choose yourself, but 95% of all people choose to. Because they also help to make security after end studies or if you lost your job.
minmum wage?
Yeah these salarys are for lousy paid works in shops/bars. Personally my average hour salary is closer to 50 dollars.
minmum wage?
We have no minimum wage. But we do have unions who make sure you are not underpayed. I belive the minimum salary is around 100kr aka 14 dollars
There's no Internet in Brazil
pros no one remember
Wtf. Nico has never been the best awp in denmark.
You/Pro Player
S1mple I always take the duel and belive i can faster and better, even tho i tend to die often and fuck up My team for the round. Also Kills > saving weapon
Eurovision 2018 LMAO
I would love to say i respect that, but I cant. That is probably one of the worst things ive ever heard, performed by someone who surely got Downs.
CS is so BORING................................................
Yeah so sad to see all the teams are getting better so a lot of different teams have the chance to win. I dont understand your logic at all.
Eurovision 2018 LMAO
So you think the song is good? Personally i died a little inside watching it
SK best team right now
Great game the other day against LG. #failSK #freeStewie
Your first thought
I should have brougt a shirt for when My shift at work ended. Freezing My ass of waiting for the bus
Best PRO in cs 1.3
zet or HeatoN. Basicly most of SK.
Many people in Bulgaria miss the times they were under communism though.
Dk best nordic CS country?
Yeah at that point we had mTw, the worlds best team in 2008.
FPL are for those who wants to go pro. Not those who are pro already.