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MOUZ buy ENCE line up
-zehN +Aerial
"Hello friends, there are a lot of questions about Na`Vi bootcamp, what is happening, everybody has a panic. Situation is difficult, but don't worry, we are training a little bit, at least we will pla...
Join wingman
You won't become better if you play with cheaters all the time
Na`Vi should win so Zeus and Edward could retire on peak
Create a team with this-
electronic - under 21 Edward - over 25 Zeus - never was in top20 (in CSGO) flamie - from my country s1mple - he streams, so he is technically a streamer oh, wait, I assembled Na`Vi
I dont get russians.
This "moscovite language" has 62% (more than a fucking half) common vocabulary with your language. Oh, and do you plug your ears when you hear russian IRL?
I’m a Russian, you can ask me anything
why 90% of polacks in CSGO are totally braindead and stupid af? why 90% of all CSGO players are totally braindead and stupid af? maybe not 90 but still
I’m a Russian, you can ask me anything
Probably some master guardians (and even higher) speaking russian with guys who don't speak it?
I’m a Russian, you can ask me anything
What's wrong with showing my real flag and not being proud of my country?
it's only "it's A" or "it's B" calls exist for majority of community oh, maybe "it's mid" also
Russians want war
Good leader? Ok, who? Don't say Navalny
s1mple's "choke" explained
Full ukrainian roster will speak russian anyway, why then they should limit the choice? Only for WESG? There are a lot of russian-speaking players good enough to play in Na`Vi, and it will take so muc...
s1mple should know
Only braindead ukrainian doesn't know that CIS is not only commonwealth, it's also means a region, where Russian is used the same way as English in the Europe.
The Soviet Story
In your logic, Ukrainians = banderas = nazis
Worst people in the earth?
all people, just everybody is the worst