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Malvinas vs Los gurises
las malvinas son paraguayas
Europe pls help Brazil and the amazon
because the amazon is very rich, and if anybody must get that it's us and our neighbors, like I said before, they don't care about the forest itself, it's all about the mining and our medicinal herbs ...
Europe pls help Brazil and the amazon
they're nothing saying that the fire must stop, they're planning an intervention in our country, and these european fucker have never cared about the forest itself, most of illegal wood taken of amazo...
Europe pls help Brazil and the amazon
because this shit is fake, these fires have always existed and this year is nothing anormal, the european "help" is just an excuse to steal our forest, OUR FOREST!
Europe pls help Brazil and the amazon
imagine being this cuck
Finland rekt Brazil
you bastard jewishs, amazon is ours, leave our forests alone fucking hebrews
Your GF's
Age - 19 GFs till now - 0
Pouco provável isso acontecerá, meu caro, o nosso país não investe no transporte ferroviário, o que é uma pena para uma nação de tamanho continental. Reduziríamos muitos gastos e evitaríamos incômodos...
witzel's helicopter is above you, run 4 ur life favelado
I am 198cm
advantage ofc, I am 1.80, wish i was at least 5cm taller
FaZe and MIBR again to the top
Italy Scene CS
kng and fallen sguario
Join Please
noice 👍
men = women in what sports?
I used to believe that the uswnt were great then I knew about they losing a match to some under 15 texans
Most loved person from your country?
Dr Hollywood