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f0rest was consistent at being average, GTR was many times inconsistent and KennyS as well. I will agree with you on dev1ce but just because his team usually was consistent so it wasn't hard for him t...
Sweden is back folks!!!
haven't been active for a year in the scene and am not updated, is Fnatic back and is flusha really back? are they going to add olofmeister or not?
r8 this girl
you gotta show other pic, i think she's probably pretty irl but the image you posted is not showing much
Thoorin is retiring, finally
Honestly, Thorin is hilarious, I love him but hate him because he keeps CS relevant. If people gave CS the admiration it deserves I wouldn't mind Thorin leaving
flukest teams ever
gambit always been a fluke team... never trust them. but it's over for them
He is a smart person I trust him
I'm not pressing that
Do you know how does the ftm procedure work?
Im sure the amount of smart people in HLTV and Reddit is the same, it's also that I have a user in HLTV only so I rather make a post here
#10 I did Google it but didn't find a full answer to what I'm looking for
O couldn't find an answer of how does a penis get implemented, I understand than on M2F they use some hormones that remove the seed in the balls etc ... Is it true? What about F2M though, how can they...
Any serious answers?
come on dude it's a serious question, how can the person feel he suddenly has a penis?
Instagram following?
Felt I'm missing something... I'm like one of the very few people in school who don't have Instagram
Instagram following?
But if my profile is private I would get a message he followed me and then I decide if I want to confirm or not? And if I follow him back does it automatically accept his request?