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Faze fucked up early because they lost to Navi as well. Why did they even play them? Navi fucked up early because they played Astralis. Same question. Hard to not fuck up, you know.
I have visited Gent recently. And they told to children to not mention Santa Claus in schools because children of Muslims go home and talk about it with parents. And parents blame schools because they...
Yeah, but Ukrainians will assimilate in Poland pretty well, you won't be able to spot a difference in the 2nd generation of migrants. It's not a bad thing for Poland and can't be compared to Muslim m...
Swiss system sucks
Format doesn't really matter when your team can't win BIG, mouse and F3.
Natus Vincere vs Envy
Well, Nv is not a top team, so why not? They will do it against them on any LAN.
Natus Vincere vs Envy
Oh, those HLTV analysts. Just Thorin's level of prediction.
SK vs Natus Vincere
I don't like this d2 map. SK banned all god maps \
Live better? haha
Russia threatens Denmark Again.
lol, you do. What a great nation feature - to lie everywhere, every time.
Natus Vincere vs Virtus.pro
4:30? No way EU will watch this. Good night.
SK vs Virtus.pro
Any last words favelas?
NiP vs G2
Not again =\
G2 vs Dignitas
Yeah, and that sucks. I was at previous SL event in Kiev and felt myself at kindergarten rather than CS tournament... This is main reason I decided to not attend this one. They don't have age restrict...
Heroic vs Dignitas
Why? It's good for players when "they work for themselves". It;s bad for greedy orgs. It doesn't make any difference for anyone else.
Cloud9 vs Immortals
Yes, but you don't take it back to Brasil, it stays in USA. So literally they take your best players, teams and make them non Brazilian anymore.In the future they will be proud USA citizens rememberin...