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Working Online
many traders use technical analysis on charts (and no charts, only the book [time & trades]) and it works, there are some people live on youtube showing full time how they work. (i know one in brazil,...
Working Online
I think in UK u can learn with 2k euros easily. ANd its 90% psychological 10% knowledge. U cant have fear, and u need a lot of discipline so u dont fk up your trade system
Working Online
You can always become a trader.XD Believe me it works. U just need some money to learn at the start then u good to go
fnatic vs AGO
Ez mibr
Liquid upset
huaEUHAUHEhuAEUHAHUEhuAHEhuaE gj mate nice rekt
must-have apps
Brawl Stars all the way
capitalists defend this
capitalists defend this
Please just read this comment. If the land has no owner so everybody would kill to live there... There is no justice wtf this guy is talking about
it is a common spot and isnt the first time that kscerato did it... come on, u dont take 5 bullets to wall bang there and kill someone, only profit
mibr felps
Coldzera said on interview to hltv : We did not want to miss out on the chance to bring in TACO, zews and the other player again to give it another try with a team that had been really good and that e...
bolsonaro is a joke
u here to cry and say SEREI RESISTENCIA Hheuhueuhehue retarded keep crying for 8 years HUEhuehuEHUE
bolsonaro is a joke
16 year old pretending he knows about politics LOL! post what bolsonaro did and why it was wrong instead of being a blind leftist kid (retarded implicit when i said leftist)
My friend's beat - Pls R8
Kkkkkkk 8/10 my friend
My friend's beat - Pls R8
This one is much better
Please r8 my carrot flute
Thx m8