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FaZe vs Vitality
auuu auuu is a dog man wtf. respect our language
niko suddenly good again
Aug and sg got nor buffs. Wtf . all coments i read from you are complete shit heuaheuhaeuha so dumb saying niko will be bottom frag aheuaheuhaueh
Favourite BANDS or SONGS
[18+] Why anal popular?
Europeans taking shower once a week HEUAHEUAHEUHAUEHUAHUAHUEHAUHA what a shame. Europens talking about hygiene ahhahahahahahaha yelllw teeth aheuaheuahuehah
[18+] Why anal popular?
To me... Ohh yess very good
[18+] Why anal popular?
Maybe in india where u kiss cows all the time
Newfag lol
100T to buy Renegades
Leftist that dont know how capitalism works LUL
Favourite BANDS or SONGS
IMO it gets annoying PRETTY fast. i cant enjoy it for so long. Like metallica, it starts very cool, VERY NICE RIFFS, then a fking guitar doing 3 chords for 4 minutes hUEHUEHUE not what i like. Unforgi...
Favourite BANDS or SONGS
carai mermao. bom demais natiruts HAUEHUAEUHHAUE
Favourite BANDS or SONGS
The problem is: I like almost ALL music genres but BANDS with most musics being really good are those i listed, IMO. Any of these bands u will have TONS of GREAT musics. Beatles good too. Also, metal...
Favourite BANDS or SONGS
Your list sucks. Mine is much better heuheu Bands: 1. Foo Fighters 2. RHCP 3. Audioslave 4. Chickenfoot 5. Natiruts Songs: 1. Virtual insanity - jamiroquai 2. Best of you - foo fighters 3. Cochise ...
MIBR Flair
Here is a guy that his sister has a muslim boyfriend HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
MIBR Flair
Ahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha nice one now go see if ur sister's muslim boyfriend is not raping her
MIBR Flair
Hahahaha they say it like mibr started losing in 2019 hahahahahahah mibr losing since 2003 only 2006-2007 good