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TeamOne vs VG.Flash
I'd say if TeamOne can get rolling they should win this, but who knows, they have to turn it up.
smooya why have u gone to this absolutely shit team
FaZe vs Cloud9
with this lineups, faze should just avoid playing mirage and they should be good for the bo3, but cs is crazy sometimes, who knows, i wouldnt bet on this one tbh
its a good bet tbh, but, i don't bet on online matches, especially bo1's. both of them have a chance to qualify still, so you're not on safe territory, still, if VP plays bad as usual, you should have...
SK vs Cloud9
this is going to be SO INTERESTING! LMAO
Singularity vs AGO
singularity managing to lose 3 maps in a row, LMAOO
I think i love her
that's life brotha man, 90% of the times its a NO, so the NO you already have, gotta get the yes.
I think i love her
Ps i am from uganda AYY LMAO Talk to her, invite her for a coffee or a drink, that you liked her and would like to get to know her, the simple way is sometimes the best way.
Boy just imagine a world where sk invested all their time and attention on WESG and then go out in group to a mixed Russia and a reformuled BIG. traveling to china for literally nothing, not a single ...
Recca vs Limitless
what comeback is that, so impressive!!
SK 2018
cant believe i'm losing my money on this team.
SK vs Russia
thats a possible scenario
SK vs Russia
Don't see a world where SK gives a mixed-Russian team much of a chance, i'd say 16-8 at best for SK.
Sprout vs forZe
Sprout should take this 2-1. 16-7 13-16 16-11