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Glaive's spam is so good
They aren't really that lucky though, if you watch he spams very common angles, what's really impressive is how many he knows even when staring right into a smoke. From arch side mid, he perfectly spa...
THOORIN in cave?
People on this site are all braindead, I don't understand anything they say.
SOngs that are better off as instrumentals
Darude - Sandstorm
NiP 2 major titles
IF they all play 100% then this tournament is as good as theirs.
NiP 2 major titles
Maybe top4
This major = Joke
Yeah wtf is this? NIP has played all of the top4 rated teams so far.
C9 should Disband
At their lowest, astralis was still making playoffs consistently (excluding the major), just because they weren't as good as their best doesn't mean they sucked. I don't think c9 should disband but ri...
>makes fun of others for watching csgo >still spends time browsing a forum primarily about csgo
BIG bug using ????
Only top 8, they lost to immortals in the quarters.
How to be rich (SO EZ)
That's not even close to right. This idiot isn't right either, but your logic makes as little sense as his.
Faceit logic
But eleague tournaments have their matches at the end of the day in NA so at least someone gets to watch it.
Faceit logic
I just started my final year of high school the day the major started so I'm a little salty.
NiP will win major
Not even nip fans are that delusional.
How bad were the delays?
Did the server crash or something? I can't imagine anything bad enough to take that long to resolve.
"im feeling thank you"
Sunny says it every chance he gets and someone on north just said it when being interviewed.