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rip in pepperoni itemerino jokes aside I read somewhere that opskins was going to refund skins that are locked
Podcasts on Spotify
Does it have to be on Spotify ? The esport unearthed podcasts are quite good, lots of interviews with pro players during sydney but they aren't on spotify :/
Got a nice pair of Rattler gloves for $80 LUL
I believe Alex is the IGL in LDLC
Smooya is a real person
lmao +1
Yeah I thought I had read that somewhere, but he picked it up a fair lot in G2 and he had massive impact with it. It all depends on the other players' motivation - take mixwell who's already experie...
Albums you'd recommend
Avatar - Black Waltz Avatar - Hail the Apocalypse Radiohead - OK Computer IAM - L'école du micro d'argent Gorillaz - Demon Days
I'd rather have mixwell as he's already had some experience at the highest level and is showing great adaptation skills to any role he's asked to play. Mixwell's role could be more like sixer's I don...
The only change I'd make is -sixer +mixwell as an awper, let xms some time to find his marks and if it doesn't work out then remove him for apeX
D0cC is smart
In Europe 4.5k€ a month is way more than enough to make a pretty damn decent living
r8 hot petite grill
Was expecting Dosia, I can tell I'm disappointed
ECS Casters
I don't think I've ever heard TeaTime cast before, Dweg is a top bloke, Brainstorm is awesome as well, same goes for my man ManicMunday I'm fine mate thanks
ECS Casters
I really like the duo Alex / Hawka or Dweg / Hawka on Efrag. It's good having new casters, especially when they are local talents, just like the Australian casters who were given a shot in Sydney, i...
ECS Casters
Obviously, people who don't watch much lower tier CS don't know these casters, Hawka casts a lot for Efrag for example, which hosts lower tier competitions such as GG.Bet Majestic qualifier.