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How is life my friends
pretty good.
G2 vs North
Yes it was that's true... but they wouldn't be criticized for being an unsuccessful top10 team if they were not overhyped because of one event win... as said, dignitas was good team when it came to ma...
G2 vs North
Disagreed, even doe they were very good on train Mirage was their main map...(but they were very good on all maps so...)
G2 vs North
north was never a legit competitor, dignitas was questionable as well... not a bad team but any means but they were let's say a good top10/making it to the play offs team.. that epicenter win just got...
G2 vs North
....someone just explain me what the heck was that ct half from north?
OH FUCK this is going trigger me
Tbh I'm not a fan of rappers but I agree with part of the list.. but I feel like a lot of those from honorable mentions should be on the top10 list... still as said, I don't really have a lot of knowl...
Teams going down with the Krieg Nerf
how to approach a girl
how to approach a girl
how to approach a girl
kad vec spominjes fuel, neki dan vidim slika tesle i vuca/kuca s elektromotorom... the fun stuff :D
I feel like if we exclude xizt "all" 4 of those Imo.. there's no need to describe pronax and glave Zeus has been great back in the day with old meta.. when cs was still beautiful to be watched (in a ...
0.9999 = 1 or 0?
Let me explain you this.. You have one cake, you split it into 3 equal parts with the knife, each part is 0,33.... that 0,00..1 is left on the knife. Problem solved.
team ranking 2019 so far
Nice joke
Men prefer tall girls is just a Ethiopian thing?
0/8 copypasta
[+21] SPUNj - Pro mode
I knrw it lol