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welcome to the dark side, no we dont have any cookies, we ran out due to some fat bitches........but we can arrange something for you
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Was NiP Hard Done By? THE TRUTH (maybe)
Very interesting thread you made. I also thought either Navi or nip had the hardest route in the minor. Unluckily it's hard to consider form in these kind of calculations. Complexity being a lower ran...
How many euros in ur bank account?
Payday today so I have 1549 on my account on a saving account I have around 24k. I'm 21 years old
I rate your config 2
800x600 stretched Dpi 400 sens 1.45 Mouse Logitech G502, Keyboard Corsair K68 Cherry Switches, Monitor Acer Predator 144hz Pc Lvl 10 faceit Mostly rifle but can do both
AVANGAR vs Natus Vincere
For some reason I feel that avangar is gonna take this game
[Discussion] Triple digit IQ only
The voice = the devil
Gpu and CPU
If I were you I'd go for a 6gb. But overall this is a pretty good combo.
Ur first FPS ever
The first halo on the Xbox
AZK overrated?
Are he French stars in the titan?
kjaerbye disrespectful
I lost all my respect
Your random team.
You are waaaayyy to buthurt to be on the thread
What pro`s have you played with?
Won against olofm once 19-17 on faceit. Also played against -valde -fuks -Pasha -scream * I also destroyed menox from gamerz house 2 weeks ago
I r8 how much polacks like your country.
Polaks love us?, right????
So what? She has freedom of speech. She has the right to have her opinion about erdogan and speak about that opinion. She also has the right to protest. It isn't normal to beat up people just because ...
what did your country do in WWII
Got rekt while trying to be neutral, then we just surrendered and gave Germany all the Jews, with few people who were resisting.