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Donald J. Trump
Really REALLY tired of Trump campaigners abusing this site as a political battlefield..!
Highest IQ player ever?
Highest IQ player ever?
Nah... he was just good at lifting his mouse a couple of years ago.
TRUMP wins again!
There's still hope with people like you, though...
Valve smoke cheat
What the hell are you talking about - the radar "bug" has been part of the gameplay for ages and everyone in the pro scene is using it.... And it has NOTHING to do with the cfg! Everyone (including x...
Valve smoke cheat
So where is your source, that there is a “smoke cheat”... and that gla1ve is using it? Or are you just writing stuff?
Xyp9x number 13# is a joke
And this is why xyp9x got a higher rank than what his stats showed... 13th is fair imo... And I'm an Astralis fan...!
you guys need to stop
You literally just said so yourself in your previous post #82 - cyberbullying etc. may cause real people to be depressed or even suicidal... web having real life consequences..! I agree you shouldn't...
you guys need to stop
Because of people like you, who think their actions on the internet doesn’t have real life consequences.
you guys need to stop
you guys need to stop
I totally agree, my Italian friend..!
you guys need to stop
Ppl who don’t understand web is a part of real life should leave.
Big - XANTARES +karrigan
Absolutely agree. But I don’t see why they would consider replacing Gob B.
Big - XANTARES +karrigan
But Gob B is known to be a good IGL...
Major Rankings?
No crowd mics = amateur production Makes such an incredible difference as a viewer.