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7 Years for rape on 10yo
Whatever you say, I am done writing with you ^^ I didn't make this thread, but I guess you're also too retarded to notice that. It might not affect my life, but I can still wonder about who the fuck ...
7 Years for rape on 10yo
Retarded american, just as 90% of all of those I have met. Why are you all so fucking retarded and have the most fucked up way to think about things? Is it because you're so inbred over there your st...
7 Years for rape on 10yo
How I know if getting raped as a 10 year old? What the fuck, do you really fucking think that the 10 year old "Prolly see it as fun game"?! Wow, I hope this is b8
7 Years for rape on 10yo
Well, I am talking about the rape which is mostl ikely true. I have nothing against immigrants or muslims or any other people, but if they destroy a childs life they should get theirs destroyed aswell...
7 Years for rape on 10yo
So you would think that 7 years is fine and he just can get out on the streets again with his same retarded mind that he can just rape children and get 7 years in a pretty fine prison?
Magistra vs Fragsters
Or not :P
You're absolutely right, just this clip you show. So many people trying to deny the fact that almost every team has a guy or two who aimlocks, they might even take turns on who that does it. It's ge...
7 Years for rape on 10yo
People saying 7 years is long time should just go fuck themselves.. 7 Years for destroying a little kid's life completely? He should get fucking tortured, get his dick chopped off and get 50 years i...
Magistra vs Fragsters
Magistra easy win this.
nip is a joke
It's ridiculous .. First time for a while I bet cs and then fcking NiP to fail :D Buut fuuck that ^^
Lost 120€ AMA
About to lose on NiP aswell :D
mousesports vs Spirit
This is ridiculous :D They could easily've won 2/4 of those rounds fucking pathetic ruskis
Top 10 Danish Players (skill-wise)
Switch k0nfig with Magiskb0y tbh.
SK unluckiest team ???????????????