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funny racist jokes
Did it stole your wallet too?
16:10 vs 4:3
I do know why, but it's pointless. It doesnt bring you any advantage, only disadvantages. A lower res is only good if you're already used to it, maybe because you've been playing with a low res sin...
16:10 vs 4:3
I've been Global since the beginning of 2015 And if you think so, ok then. Good for you lol
16:10 vs 4:3
ehhhh, yes There's no reason to use a lower res than that, only if your PC is shit and you want to have more FPS, or if you're a fanboy of some pro player that plays with 800x600 and you wanna be j...
16:10 vs 4:3
Either 1440x1080 stretched or 1920x1080 The rest is just pure shit
ok kebab
is cs go a communism game?
nazi = national socialism =/= capitalism USA rekt Russia so, capitalism (even though it's not really a free-market capitalism) >>>>>>>>>>>> crap >>>>>>> communism
Well, Brazil is indeed Portugal's son. Exact same situation down here.
16yo girl raped in Brazil
Nope, I didn't want to watch it, especially because she's underaged.
16yo girl raped in Brazil
As I've said here before: She wasn't raped, she used to go the favelas and fuck 15-20 men to get drugs and also because she simply liked it. It was an orgy, but someone recorded it this time and to av...
R8 Grill
She's cute, but she looks way too young. I'd say 6/10, maybe nty.
Brasil = Russia in SA
Well, you're free to use MM server picker and block the brazilian servers. You'll play on chilean servers with the same ping and with spanish speakers only.
Fuck his girl
Brazilian police nice
It wasn't an actual rape. She wanted to have sex with all of them, she used to do that every week with the same guys. But this time someone recorded it and sent it to a few people, and she reported it...
She is pregnant
You will need to clean way more toilets to feed that baby. gl