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Hello. My name is atheoo. My Steam profile is here:
If you want to add me for any enquiries.

Not much to say about me. But here is something.

Half Greek, German and Australian. Freak for video games, 16 years old. Play csgo for a living, semi-professional.

Some of my favourite CS:GO Pro Players are:
SPUNJ - Renegades , karrigan, NiKo, kioShiMa, allu, rain - FaZe, dupreeh - Astralis, fer, FalleN, coldzera - SK, TaZ, Snax, NEO - Virtus.Pro
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Liquid vs Grayhound
just smoked my first cigerette
I smoke cigarettes weekly sometimes, and surprisingly I don't get any withdrawals or urges to smoke another, and can go weeks without a single cig. Could be because I don't smoke everyday of the week,...
Renegades vs G2 Plz give me that sweet $515 renegades
trust factor mm
Same experience here, man. I was SMFC until I got reported countless times by shit retard MG's and Novas which fucked my trust factor. Then instead of getting legit people that just weren't good at th...
Dick stacy's sticker
The fuck did i just read?
Is Audi shit?
My family owns a mechanic business and the majority of the cars we get are Audi's and Volkswagens. Most of the time when I'm fixing them, it's mainly the valvebody/mechatronic (the computer of the car...
Do u smoke weed?
yeah. Bought this vape juice that got you high, the guy I bought it from said he had it shipped from the US, claiming it was real marijuana concentrate (straight from the plant). It was green in colou...
Do u smoke weed?
I'm Australian so it's illegal here, but I mainly use it recreationally for my self induced epilepsy from overdosing on synthetic marijuana vape juice. Ever since using it monthly, I've never had a se...
Syman vs OneWay
Love how the matchfixing fan posts this.
Syman vs OneWay
How the fuck are these guys in the major... I will record me crying if they make playoffs or if they even get 1 win in groups.
Drugs rated tier list
I mean, I've tried adderall, and I'd never try meth. I have my limits, my hardest drugs being weed, MDMA, LSD, adderall. Last year I used to vape this synthetic weed e-juice that got me high af. Would...
DETONA vs Isurus
Would be interesting to see the only non-brazilian team win a tournament full of brazilian teams...
paiN vs Isurus
who the fuck would name themselves 1962
Hello in your language
What drugs do you use?
Yeah, not really easy when you grow up around a brother, mother and sister in law that all use drugs as well. Was a really strong addiction to where I'd wake up early AM because my body relied on that...