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Interesting, will he cry like a little bitch when hang on the cross, just like his older fella? Requesting Roman centuria to clarify this.
why people on twitch are weird ?
Good job, moderator, as usual. How can I read new unswers to my posts, when all stuff is gone? Some fatman is angry.
why people on twitch are weird ?
Excess weight is bad for you. A priori. This is a fundamental truth in medicine and physical culture. And if society begins to tolerate and encourage this illness it's extremely wrong and detrimenta...
For Danes :)
At least you can always buy cocaine from that columbian fella.
FYI, Arbalet goes bankrupt last year, and now downshifting at a Goa beach. So, no help here for our favorite stillborn FPS.
30K for csgo :O
You can easily remove one spec from total count, because I was there for my first and last time, just wanted to see with my own eyes, true or not that the game is really so bad as it referred to.
We need more information.
Jeez comrade, who are you? Soviet era complainant?
We need more information.
I suck at figure skating, I know :(
We need more information.
I always speak from the heart, jokes aside. Maybe you good at CoD? Please add your cfg, thanks.
We need more information.
It's just 11 AM in my village, bad time for vodka. maybe later.
ANGE1 Ace vs ESC Gaming
and i like royal with cheese.
ANGE1 Ace vs ESC Gaming
Excuse me, but why they are playing CoD and not 1.6? I missed something?
Brazil: the World Cup Country.
I hope you will not fail this world cup, Brazil. But if you do, I'll draw a penis on your embassy.
Why so many hate on Lurppis?
handicapped player... forgot to buy kevlar?