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codfag pls hate me
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Gym Help (Whey)
if u have money just buy extra chicken breast a day and skip the protein shakes they only ruin ur skin.
[18+] girl problem!
ooomg i call the police they take u away from ur mom u get put into orphanage no one will adopt u and with 30 u will suck dick for crack.
why religion is bad?
i dont care if a person believes in a god or universe , aliens or wtf who ever created us but just keep that shit to yourself bruh.
Politics on HLTV
cuz ppl are insecure asf and want attention.
mostly alot of fat and veggies and for carbs i only consume white rice or potatoes.
for half a year i skip breakfast and mostly eat only once a day a fat meal. and i feel energized like 5 year old kid. i think there is many many lies told about nutrition to make alot of bank of consu...
Magicians of the Gods
for sure not the only thing they lied about. just move on.
if hell is real?
Life goes on and if I'm wrong I guess I'll burn in flames
Magicians of the Gods
the past is already written even if u find out human history is a lie,what will change? stay focus on what is happening now and the rest is just a distraction.
WOXIC ping
but it doesn't affect u if ur used to it, its same with 60hz monitor if u played all ur life 60hz u will not feel a difference unless u actually swap to 144hz.
WOXIC ping
u act like 60 ping is bad haha played all my life with this kind of ping
money laundrey, VP
not gazprom itself but usmanov invested 300 million afaik into vp and he owns a daughter company of gazprom.
looks outside!
i see grey buildings and nice little playground
banning guns!
first generation of nazi robots will not be bulletproof, can asure u.
banning guns!
kinda agree but in the case robots take over better take ur glock and fuck the skynet.