codfag pls hate me
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no one will care about this law, humans protesting for human rights, no fkin law will stop this.
Will humans evolve ?
what is that for a question? everyone finds different ways of looks appealing, for urself mayb u find urself ugly, but trust me there is atleast one or two humans out there that find u highly attracti...
I hate my life
u just prove his point more and more and i wish u all the best to cope with ur traumas.
I hate my life
+1 that's not cool, no matter what.
I hate my life
ye but lets be honest, 90% of the kids claiming to be depressed nowadays are just bipolar or ptsd, like a real depressiv person that has damaged dopamin/serotinin receptors, is really rare. mayb so...
I hate my life
Every time I see a depressed person I give the same quote my grandpa always said to me in exactly this way "imagine your parents boned 2 hours later, you would not have won the sperm race, you would n...
Family vacations
it will become better once ur living on your own and u dont see ur parents to often. i was same. hated every kind of family meeting but when u lvie alone u realise what ur family sacrifices for u.
Pros who need to go.
whats the deal with being so obsessed in individual performance in this game? good cs, is good cs. stop betting if u can't enjoy good cs.
wtf, how was that sick? farling chilling upper when planted bottom and zehn standing there like a little retard when he just heard a flash pop in vent. this was just mistake from godsent players and b...
JW interview
even hitler needed his men to kill people, think about it. 5 hitlers would have done nothing without himmler.heydrich,eichmann,göring
JW interview
no cuz they will just blatantly rush into their own death cuz they have no support players. top dota2 teams without supports, they would be nothing. its same in cs.
JW interview
see ppl only see the frags but what this person brings to the team and the atmosphere of the team, is never viewed. u can put 5 s1mples 5 nikos in one team and they will not be the best cuz u cant hav...
he handsome?
u will always get matches on tinder, alot of girls just like guys, swipe everyone right during the morning or evening toilet session. and then just decide if its worth their time.