codfag pls hate me
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cryptoid threads?
the dark side of the moon.
How are parties like at your University?
most party i end up to we end up being thrown out. i have 2 many idiot friend who want trouble. i dont want trouble but when trouble finds me im also down.
UFC like WWE already!
cuz its bullshit to have judges and players manipulate for entertainment factor.
UFC like WWE already!
ye, as if him losing the fight right before the main event in his home town for the title is not a planned action. pls just open ur eyes
UFC like WWE already!
Its still scripted that it will go 4 fights and especially in his home town. Its publicity, entertainment factor sport. You will never hold the title if you can't sell it.
literally not a single player cares about this rankin haha.
NFT experts!
We live in funny times. its either the simulation coming to an end or everyone just becoming more stupid from the day.
NFT experts!
we can only hope for the worst thing to happen and world wide blackout for longer than 1 month. everyone is broke ,eveything is fucked and probably 80% are dead. we can rebuild plant in all glory.
steroids in top sports!
Let's take giannis as example. look at him before the NBA and then look how in 1 year he went from the skinniest motherfucking twig out there to the jackest motherfucker on earth. if u have the best d...
smart or good looking?
lol? nowadays u can make transformer woman become top of the class male models by surgery. it was never easier to look good. some insurance even pay for it. if it has a heavy mental toll on you.