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Martial Arts
when my school said my parents i had adhd, they put me in mma class when i was like 12 year and ever since i dont have adhd anymore. :o
daily stuff for kids!
Dunno man, i was always angry and aggresive kid but this sport made me calm and relaxed.
daily stuff for kids!
the best u can do as kid, join a boxing/mma gym. it spikes ur confidence which spikes ur testosterone which puts less stress on your body. and u can also kick ass if someone wants to have a go at u. b...
BlameF Statement
probably got his new mouse with dem usb memory haxz.
Favorite map to watch in pro cs?
there is alot of potential on this map. cool moves nice executes. im lookin forward to see it first time in pro game.
People after 2000
see thats the problem. i state my opinion, u state urs. u take it personal, i take it personal but in the end its just a opinion.
People after 2000
ye, but how exactly does it bother u? people just slowly put living > survival.
People after 2000
how is that not a goal? entertaining people has always been a dream or goal for many kids. and eventually hard working jobs will die out cuz robots will take over.
Do Jump rope
Always loved it when i was still doing boxing and mma. Underrated for sure.
men is not men anymore?
eat good food, go outside and chill in the sun, have nice sleep. and train, and u should not have problemo.
e-sport scripted?
the world is a simulation u have witnessed 50 times already, so u might already know the outcome and it seems scripted to u, cuz u broke through the matrix.