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2020 majors.
Please God not Montreal, those French Canadians would be the worst crowd.
Anthony Davis
Honestly, he'd fit well with Kawhi and Lowry in Toronto. However, it's probably more likely he goes to the Lakers.
Washington capitals, hometown team and I've been a fan since I was born practically
Top 5 American TEAMS
still Ghost is significantly better than eUnited. eUnited is straight trash.
Top 5 American TEAMS
MIBR not an American team and c9 is definitely far and away better than eUnited. Then again is C9 really American still?
USA worst state?
New Jersey is easily the worst, no contest
why Stewie uses "2k"?
lmao I just made that part up, trying to see if anyone would catch it
why Stewie uses "2k"?
He played with a group of friends and all of them had family guy names; he chose stewie. He got the 2k from summit1g, a streamer he enjoyed. He went one letter/number farther and got 2k. Hence Stew...
hyperx alloy fps
I have this keyboard with red switches and it is the best keyboard I have ever owned, take my word for it and go buy it!
make a roster from these players
new French team kio nbk apex scream mixwell
Who was your first favorite player and favorite team?
Kinguin - rain summer 2015
c9 autism if +jdm +xizt
Buy xotic from Splyce for cheap and invest in nahtE Make Tarik or xotic awp and hope young talent pays off in dividends
New C9 AWPer
+xotic +nahtE Make tarik and xotic share awping
Your NA dreamteam?
RUSH tarik NAF stanislaw mixwell
Worst map?
Nuke is awful. I personally like overpass since it makes players create new and exciting ways to play on a map.