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compLexity vs MIBR
what is this flag shit :Ddd Lmao what an idiot idea to come into stage like that. Lmao just play and skip all that shit. Every1 can follow a guy who is walking with a flag.
lmao u are some kind knight of motar Defending him when idiots tell he is ugly or something :Dd U are not knight of motar, u are as idiot as basic hltv user.
New REPORT record
Reported this. i hope admins investigate if true. If true then ok good job if vaöid reports. If not please get banned or leave.
New REPORT record
Thank you for your efforts making this site free of idiots. Lets just hope admins are taking this shit seriously. Very Very embarrasing that ppl can spam 16-0 shit there without posts getting delete...
Worst major to date probably ever
I am sorry that FACEIT has been unable to satisfy viewers. However, I am sure that FACEIT will step up game in playoff stage, and I am sure FACEIT will exceed both, live and online viewer expectation...
No. U can do that with 100k, which isnt that much. Throw 10x 10k to pros, 100k enough - not rich. Maybe a bit dumb tho if u have 100k and donate all to pros :/
160 Euro On NiP winning Major
I won 14k when VP won las vegas event vs SK. It was easy money I think.
HLTV this is not acceptable
coldzin ntc lol such a clever nickname :Dd Cold from coldzera in NTC Nice nickname, u want to see cold in ntc :D Clever nickname, u tell ur opinion in ur nick!
FINALLY it's happened
Lol at that [This user is protected by HLTV Anti-Ban] shit. There is no thing called HLTV anti-ban. Im protected by awjaåege haeghueäåh aoiuaegheahogi antiban. haha funny lmao.
whats ur job?
Kinguin vs ENCE
So? That guy above u gets 1m as earnings, u think he cares about salary :D:D? Idiot. Not hard to earn his monthly salary when his salary is 0.
ENCE vs Imperial
OK? Are u retarded maybe? If they think they have higher chance to go site B, why go A?
ENCE vs Imperial
ok? Past doesnt mean anything. If they thought its easier to go A, why go B?
ENCE vs Imperial
well, there are two bombsites. Randomly going to same site three times, chance is 25%. So its not that rare.