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i predict your future
1) 17 2) Male 3) Australia 4) Green
Grayhound vs Signature
Definitely not. Thats better connection than most people in Perth get to Perth
Grayhound vs Signature
Its not 50 Ping lol
Y no major in denmark?
5.7 mill in Denmark and 9.8 mill in Sweden. 2*5.7 = 11.4 mill. If your gonna correct me don't be wrong. You don't need to be such a cunt. My point was clear, your just arguing semantics
Y no major in denmark?
Sweden has double Denmarks population you fuckwit
If astralis werent pros !!
Fuck just imagining the look on Taz's face dealing with a little kid who shit his pants. LuL
TY for the reminder, Just added to ban list. Have a good one mate
Good onya
Norway HAPPY
Haha 25. It gets unbearable around 46-50 for me. That's when i drink some cold water and sit inside otherwise I'm just fine. Fun fact, I can count the amount of times I've had to wear more than jus...
Norway HAPPY
>Hot weather 20+ Its turning to winter now and there's a fucking thunderstorm outside and it's still over 20 here. How the fuck do you call 20+ hot weather?
[18+] love solution
Hope you feel better no matter what you choose. Goodluck :))
[18+] love solution
Damn bro, you should prob's tell someone about the attempt. Don't forget that if she did love you it means that others do too. Your family and friends will be there to help you and be strong for you i...
[18+] love solution
Mate, just send her a text asking if she want's to hang out sometime. She'll probably want to reconnect even if it's been a few years considering you used to be good friends. She might decide shew sti...
Nordic countries=the best countries
Nah there are lots of other countries that have -money -high iq -no corruption -best education -best at cs -best at ice hockey But Denmark is the best of the Nordics cause you guys haven't c...
is this legit the best sh*t ever?
>League Video >Not Gayporn Pick one you fuckin weeb