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Real Top 2
>individual list >brings up teams stats and achievements 😂😂😂
s1mple 1st place
Yeah, I have seen that crying post over there a few days ago by some triggered fanboi. And the same fcking guy posts the same fcking link to ONE match to prove that s1mple is a stat-padder. Ahhhahahah...
s1mple 1st place
You are so unbelievably retarded. There is rating 2.0 and impact rating. Both are two fcking different things. If you didn’t get it by now, hop off the bridge. And showing one game as an example is so...
s1mple 1st place
Are you retarded? His impact rating on that bo3 series was 3rd best, and he was the most impactful player on NaVi roster that game, wtf are you even talking about? Or numbers lie and don’t show us a r...
Yeah, sorry Faze were too busy losing to BUG.
s1mple 1st place
They didn’t teach me to present arguments in conditionals and believe in some sort of dream scenarios and made up stuff which has got nothing to do with reality. Get a clue.
Nobody gives a fuck about your shitty flawed opinion.
Loads of fcking BS and even you deluded Astralis fangay know it :)
Well, we have found two retarded and clueless kids who are still triggered that s1mple is top1 lmao
s1mple 1st place
Keep being a whiny bitchy kid.
s1mple 1st place
Basic fucking logic lmao. Looks like a fcking retarded and flawed argument which you will never prove. Your whole fcking narrative starts with “if...” nuff said. S1mple is all-around versatile player.
s1mple 1st place
“I’m not crying, I’m just bitching and whining and being a hypocrite, oh wait, same thing...” of course it will be mr. stats farmer baiting teammates again no one is disposed to fuck his team as much...
s1mple 1st place
Mind of a baiter can’t read more than 10 words? Well done, keep crying now.
s1mple 1st place
Which? Mibr? Faze? Mouz? Again Mibr had way better environment and teammates? lol And how is that statement true? Where has it been proven wrong? Exactly. Nowhere. All you can talk is fcking BS just ...
s1mple 1st place
Such a fucking flawed and retarded argument. “Oh, he has Botward, botmie and Boteus, he can stat-pad well, in a team full of stars he would not get these stats, oh poor these three players, they are h...