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Legendary thread by almost an FPL-C player.

I’m a PewDiePie and a level-headed Trump SSupporter.



Sure Simpel is so good. Why dont they win? And stop saying they have a bad team!! They dont even come to the same events as astralis. why? they now they lose!! So for simpel its better to go to easy Events so he can get a higher score.! :D easyu to get good score if you only play vs noobs.

Finland has also the most amount of pale drunk socially inept basement dwellers per capita, lmao losers
I know you want Cold and Niko to drop 40 bombs all matches but the team is still new. Give them some time and support them. All his hate i understand is fun and lol and omegaLUL but this guys made us love this game so please be more polite to them. Too much pressure ofc they will play like shit. If you show love they will rise again!

I was at work when this series happened watched literally 1 round and stewie2k missed device near Bank. Stewie2k I love you man but fuck, anyways well done Astralis you're the best team right now but if you lose to EG Tommorrow specific just EG you aint the best team. ASTRALIS IS THE GOAT OF LINEUPS!!. Good Luck
go stream bitch retire from professional csgo. No need to play competitively. He has many ass licking fans. Would milk much more amount of money like Shroud.

Think he can't clutch through a smoke while recording in full resolution and streaming the play to the world? Watch this. Think you can't get famous in a flash like become your own meme famous? Watch this. Think he's been there, done that? With Intel Core i7, he's just getting started. Game, record, stream, without compromise, on Intel Core i7.

People have no self awareness on this site. Look at your flag, now look at your reply. It's called wishful thinking. Just as pathetic as the frogs who say G2 will soon be top1

I bet your dad is so dissapointed. Who wants to raise a man like you 10_year_ban_rip? Do you always take the lazy way? Do you work at Target and go to the local community college? I bet he asks you how the degree is coming 3 times a month. It's always the same isnt it? That tinge of shame, then a small outburst "I'm working on it dad, and my app is going to take off anyday". But there is no app, there is no hope. Only loneliness.

You are fooling no one. You have no girls to chose from and even if you did you are lying about their looks. You are nothing but a beta incel who wishes they were more like me. Stop looking for attention trying to say you can get girls when we all know you havnt left the basement in years. Fuck off kiddo.

There are allegedly around 6.5 millions Finns, right? That's out of 7.125 billion humans. That means Finns make up 0.0912% of the planet. Thats not 9%---that's point zero nine percent, less than a percent. To put it another way, 99.9% of the planet are not Finns. How do we know this? Government censuses. Now, the best government censuses have a margin of error of at least 1%. So Finns make up 0.0912% of the planet, plus or minus one percent In conclusion: there is a 50/50 chance Finland doesn't exist.

User "Vix_NBK_FanBoy" is a baiter , he posts pro alt-leftism comments and baits almost everyday of the week , i dont even check his profile and whenever i click on an anti-freedom , anti-moral blatant bait its always him. And his comments look like a hardcore conservative mocking an alt-leftist social democrat , literally a third of his comments are always "orange man evil" "Islam is just misunderstood" "welfare can be good without corruption" or some old rethoric like that. It's literally what backwards ass conservatives envision leftists like , i really wouldn't take him serious , i was adressing his idiotic claims because i know a lot of teenager first worlder europeans in this forum seriously advocate for the idiocracy in his baits.

that's pretty much what we should did on CT side

Your style is annoying. Why do you write complicated words? People like you sound like cunts tbh

Allu is a tactical genius. He is best known for his signature tactic “going B, but then going home without any wins”. He also has a second little known tactic of “going A, but then benching AleksiB”. What an absolute legend. Top 3 IGL for sure

Kid, i'm 21 been living on rent for almost a year now, was no point moving out till i finished my army. Also we don't live in basements this is not US
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I Fix any Football team
That’s not hockey. Smh big free agents still sign there. It’s all about money. They can live in a better city in Michigan. Or in downtown.
Managed to bring up Jesus. Anything else, mentally challenged CIS bandwagoner after you have taken another L ? :)
Easy Ecov2ce and choke. More iconic. And still a thing lmao
Oh look another narrow-minded user who can’t keep up with the topic :)
So if he is so consistent where is his top1 ? Idc and Idgaf about his top20, top100 placings. It’s still is a fact: s1mple, cold, Zywoo worst year = ecov2ce peak. Also, have you always been as narro...
He is also not as smart as s1mple is
Still no counter-arguments from mentally challenged CIS bandwagoner aidstrike. Is this all your CIS brain could come up with ? LMAO
So which GOAT teams did ecov2ce faced to beat... oh sorry, get carried to a W. Ence ? Where is this meme team ? VP ? Do they exist now ? S1mplus Electronicere with deadweights like raging incons...
Consistent = being average S1mple or Zywoo or cold slump/ worst year = ecov2ce peak.
13-5 without teammates help 😉
Too dumb to realize that someone is fakeflagging, but baguettes don’t have brain cells.
>ecov2ce flair >defends his choke master >doesn’t make any sense ?????
How many grand slams were held ? tOp 5 on a danish site = average. 0 top1 btw. 0 back to back top1 btw. There has always been a better player than ecov2ce. He just sits there at top5 (thanks to dani...
Dude was slamming LULSTRALIS and their clueless narrow-minded fangirls like you before 32-2 but it is too hard for LUL dickrider to get it 🤷🏿‍♂️
Baguette out of their caves they been hiding since 2016