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Trumps threats to TURKEY
I know turkish army is one of the biggest in the world. I know your religion is one of the biggest in the world. I know your people are one of the most trashy and despicable people in the world. I kn...
Trumps threats to TURKEY
They sure can. And they sure will if it's needed. Lmfao. Turkey on the other hand will always be just a tool for us western civilization. Even nowadays as hard as Erdogan can try, you will always be ...
Trumps threats to TURKEY
Turkey by itselfs is terrorist, because islam. So what are you saying? Trump is right about Turkey, Erdogan is cancer and needs to be dealt with asap.
Intel or AMD?
Checks flag, reads comment, and knows for sure. You ain't from Dubai, or Abu Dabhi, Because who the fuck there cares how much something lasts, y'all are insane rich.
America come here
Better ask someone from Mexico
kng new gf
Rate me IRL
Solid 7/10. I dunno bout the guitar bro thats stuff's gay as f imo.
I rate your Weight and Height
Im 100% Dutch. Im super race its obv.
I rate your Weight and Height
Im not, but I do have a job where I lift 25kg about 8 or 9 hours a day
I rate your Weight and Height
Seems legit mate
I rate your Weight and Height
183cm 74kg 19 cm
fortnite hate
Dude.. please.. you say cs is toxic, and you say you're better than me, please... You sucked dick at it maybe LE max, im the real Global elite right here buddy what u gonna do lvl 10 Faceit everything
fortnite hate
Thats some serious hate