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Zeus's 'fake pause'
I'd put money on you not even knowing who Ex6TenZ is.
Nitro awp> JDM awp
It's actually incredible how well he's seemingly adjusted to the role thus far. I'm really surprised that the casters at cs_summit haven't really said much about his awping during this tournament.
First of all, in this case, this situation would be "libel" and not "slander". Second of all, you're a fucking moron.
-taz -byali +elige +shroud
Right, Canadian. My bad.
-taz -byali +elige +shroud
EliGE and shroud are Polish-American, so he thinks that they magically speak Polish and would integrate into that team.
thorin BAIT
Why can't people understand that he's referring to the LINEUPS and not the teams? The current FaZe roster have had this lineup since August and have been in a total of 5 grand finals, winning 3 of tho...
One could only hope..
Chill music Two great jazz/lofi mixes. I constantly listen to them while studying and doing homework.
new Liquid
Okay so you're just assuming, I figured that you were. I am inclined to agree with you though just because of the role steel had in IMT.
new Liquid
Where did you get this information from? Just curious because steel literally just joined the team and I wouldn't have imagined that steel would be doing any calling yet.
Steel twofaced
It was 100% his decision.. what are you talking about? He was probably approached by zews, and Team Liquid were probably more than happy to buy steel out of his IMT contract considering Liquid were go...
Fixing Liquid
You genuinely think that Nifty's calling is going to be better than nitr0's? And also, jks has been in a LAN slump lately, especially against higher tiered players. Yes, he did well during the Asia mi...
Fixing Liquid
"Don't ruin Renegades..." I agree but also, it'd be ruining a team with less potential in order to better a team with more potential. Also, look at the teams that attended SL i-League.. the only team ...
Fixing Liquid
C'mon dude be reasonable.. I'd say Ska>jdm; Nifty=jdm; and jdm>wardell You can't even put jdm on the same level as Skadoodle, Nifty, or jdm just because of the nature of their experience playing again...
Device, Xyp9x, Dupreeh
Those TSM days were actually amazing.. what are you talking about? A team consisting of dev1ce, dupreeh, and Xyp9x were barely ever out of the top 10 teams on HLTV's power rankings. And before they we...