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(18+) WTF ? LMAO
I never understood why men got off by getting kicked in the nuts.
Battlefield 4
Looking back at it, Scavenger had a lot of potential but I don't think many people were into the idea of a battle royale-styled game yet. DICE were a bit ahead of their time it seems lol.
Battlefield 4
Yeah this is what I've found out as well. I've logged over 1k hours playing BF3 on Xbox 360 and I bought BF3 on PC for like 5 bucks a couple years ago. Every time I've gone back and played it, it's ju...
8/8 girl +18
Ginger's will forever make me weak
Stewie2k is arrogante or strange ?
I could care less.
Stewie2k is arrogante or strange ?
I've done the same thing with your useless post, have a nice day.
-steel +autimatic makes Team Liquid unstoppable
Stewie2k is arrogante or strange ?
A Brazilian overreacting over some trivial manner? Color me surprised.
Zeus's 'fake pause'
I'd put money on you not even knowing who Ex6TenZ is.
Nitro awp> JDM awp
It's actually incredible how well he's seemingly adjusted to the role thus far. I'm really surprised that the casters at cs_summit haven't really said much about his awping during this tournament.
First of all, in this case, this situation would be "libel" and not "slander". Second of all, you're a fucking moron.
-taz -byali +elige +shroud
Right, Canadian. My bad.
-taz -byali +elige +shroud
EliGE and shroud are Polish-American, so he thinks that they magically speak Polish and would integrate into that team.
thorin BAIT
Why can't people understand that he's referring to the LINEUPS and not the teams? The current FaZe roster have had this lineup since August and have been in a total of 5 grand finals, winning 3 of tho...
One could only hope..