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VatosLocos vs k1ck
K1CK vs VatosLocos Ez fox
gBots vs VatosLocos
U do know that matches u linked are with completly different rosters right? I honestly cant see gBots take this one unless kanarito plays like crazy. Also, these arent really the best spanish players ...
dear penis
thank mr penis
Portugal vs Czech Republic
If oskar doesnt play portugal probably wins :)
Fox new team
He is gonna work on his brand, or play for a brazilian team most likely, dont really see why HR would want him.
Phantom lord during his streams would ask for the percentage for him to win on pots and shit like that to rig the outcomes to win more $$$. He would always message the site co-owner with "%" when he w...
PT/SPAIN SuperTeam
He actually said in a interview that if someone paid him the same amout of money that his current job pays, he would comeback. But he did say he earned a nice amount of money so probably there isnt a ...
PT/SPAIN SuperTeam
zpr? that guy only gets kills with the awp and was the worst player on k1ck and i would rather take another heavy fragger like lowel, kairi or blade or rmn and get someone like coachi as a coach and i...
AlienTech vs Phantoms
Sucks for phamtoms that they wont have their full lineup :/
still, spanish cs is imo worse than pt cs sence mixell left. I dont think it will remain that way since i belive mutt is going to a international team, but for now, i think pt is better
even worse, 26 teams were spanish and only 6 were portuguese, and the semifainals were only pt teams
Will TaZ leave?
scream? what?
Will TaZ leave?
k1ck vs gBots
I wonder if some one from Optic was wathcing this tournament and simply decided to give him a try... Maybe thats what happen