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RIP Tumblr
I mean tumblr wants more kids on their site because incompetent parents aren't doing a good job, but lets face it, you won't stop them from doing what they want.
Subscribe To PewDiePie
thats who i meant
Subscribe To PewDiePie
I'd rather subscribe to isis
xyp9x girlfriend
im sure everybody who thinks she's ugly has a instagram model gf, that's the world we live in nowadays afterall.
DETONA vs cOOLkids
the epitome of trash counter strike
My gf is trans
I won't troll, but you're gay, it's that simple, there's no chicks with dicks, there's only guys with tits, you must accept who you are now.
Transsexual rights question Brazil
If being a trans wasn't a sickness in the head, the suicide rate wouldn't be as high as it is compared to non trans, because It's definitely not because people are making fun of them, it's just pure ...
Bravado vs Infamous
Bravado are a bunch of dirty honkies
BIG vs G2
Im amazed how smithzz can still be on a team averaging .78 which is probably the worst statistic for a "professional" player in csgo
Infamous vs Test Takers
Infamous is garbage to begin with, washed up players stuck in MDL, no notable players on either team, hence it's just a likely situation where either team could win depending on the day they're havi...
Sad Story vs Ignis
he's pretty mediocre, last notable thing he's done was back in 2015, and even then he's still on a garbage viet team 3 years later.
Sad Story vs Ignis
anybody with crazy in their name is trash
RTX2080 worth the money?
It depends on your needs, do you need that extra 15-20 fps? Probably not. Even if you wanted to play Triple A titles on the highest graphical settings, a 1080TI is more than enough, for half the price...
RTX2080 worth the money?
Go google it.