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Windows 10 not booting.
not enuf info
3-0 and 0-3
More often then not these teams have conflicting results, I don't see it.
This must be a troll post, I don't see how anything you said can be taken seriously
Apex Legends
I don't see people paying for another battle royale game, it better be free. Hence the streamer "partnerships" with all the big personalities.
Apex Legends
All i see is 10 different versions of battle royale
Make a name for my smurf
ur not even good on ur main <- great name
Of what? my opinion on a boring streamer? In a thread related to him? But then again you're a troll, so i'll just leave it at that.
All i said was that it's undeserved, most of his stream was made up of random pug highlights on reddit, if I can't have an opinion on his boring ass in a shroud related thread and it's jelly, then you...
can word play all you want, you know exactly what you are
Just by the way, banging a bunch of plastic is not the dream career for thousands of guys, maybe for you it is since it's probably the only way to get some, but a lot of people would rather live a ful...
You just listed a bunch of examples where people have to do extensive work in order to perform, do you think actors don't have to have talent or skills? Do you think porn actors don't need a metal rod...
don't insult urself, u typed that u kno
Talking to someone who's english is not their first language and only thing you can do is point their mistakes is considered losing. Find yourself nice burger to eat so your day starts nicely. You lit...
^Your brain in one sentence, ez.
nice, autistic can only repeat what i say now, makes sense, afterall i'm really smart with a big cock, you should repeat everthing I say. please do