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Ite huudan aina ”BOT ALLU” ”VITTU SÄ OLET AERIAL HUONO” assystagella yms laneilla:D oli vitun hyvä ku menin kerran haukkumaa yhtä 13v byoc pelaajaa sen taakse nii rupes itkemää:D huutista kyllä, kärpän peleissä tosin kannustan loppuun asti
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NiP vs Windigo
Round over - Winner: CT (3 - 3) - Enemy eliminated bubble killed REZ with mp9 (headshot) poizon killed Lekr0 with ak47 (headshot) SHiPZ killed f0rest with deagle f0rest killed v1c7oR with ak47 v1c...
HellRaisers vs Heroic
https://clips.twitch.tv/GorgeousSolidTruffleFutureMan No fucking way this is real =D
Astralis communication?
Yeah, device didn't know where it was planted OR that glaive decided to rotate the long road from pit to middle, despite them already having device close enough to mid to capitalize on plant if needs ...
FaZe vs Liquid
12-2 14-16
Nexus vs HAVU
lets go nexus
500€ on fnatic ez
i have a 40 on fnc +1,5 and TL feeling pretty good about this, faze's tournament form has been better than tl's, but tl has been far better team for past 4 months gl with your fnc bet tho!
Astralis vs fnatic
Just FF already FNC =D
Astralis vs mousesports
Round over - Winner: CT (11 - 9) - Enemy eliminated device killed oskar with aug dupreeh killed chrisJ with mag7 oskar killed Magisk with ak47 (headshot) device killed suNny with aug (headshot) de...
Astralis vs mousesports
3. mousesports picked Train 3. mousesports picked Train 3. mousesports picked Train 3. mousesports picked Train 3. mousesports picked Train 3. mousesports picked Train
LDLC vs Liquid
NiP vs G2
9-3 9-10
School shootings
> no gun control or law can prevent this > https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Finnish_school_shooting I arent thinkz that
ENCE vs SuperJymy
Ence esports from nordic country Finland will win this game with ease, even tho superjymy has notorius X A R T E on their active lineup.
All Nordic Countries in 1 word