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Natus Vincere vs mousesports
nt zeus. You tried to carry these noobs but it was too heavy.
Why stupid people are confident?
Stupid people don't know that they don't know shit. That's why they are so confident. Smart people understand how little they actually know.
told my brother i was gay
The only refugees from muslim countries we take should be the gays fleeing persecution.
told my brother i was gay
I am going to make sure you will get permanently banned.
told my brother i was gay
Tell your brother that you are just confused about your sexuality and that the western propaganda has affected you. Tell him that you are going to go to mosque and pray the gay away. That way you can...
Zimbabwe is just a god tier country.Real life Wakanda.
2=1 prove me wrong
a = b ... (a+b) = b (Divide both sides by (a-b)) You just divided by zero.
Do you miss OBAMA ??
Obama didn't do shit.
-xseveN +suNny
xseven does dumb shit constantly and loses rounds by himself. It's like he has no game sense. Keeps pushing and gifting the enemy free kills.
Zehn to Ence?
Many top tier finnish players including allu don't want to play with zehn. He is toxic or something like that.
ENCE vs Imperial
I think Imperial wins this. ENCE will be out of shape after the victory.
SNAX's future
The team atmosphere must be just splendid if pasha and neo get 25k and the other 3 players like 5k each. :D
SNAX's future
VP players are very good spot. They get 25k monthly for being shit.
He is going to take a break and eat well because the recent times have been so stressful.