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Ugliest languages
finnish is a beautiful language.
Astralis vs Liquid
That last xyp kill blatant af again through full smoke.
TACO will be the most succesful braziian
I have always liked TACO most of the brazilian players. He is a stand up guy and not s snake like fallen and cold.
Swe Police Logic
You don't have any human rights after you invade somebodys home, take 7 year old child hostage and point a gun on the child.
MM smoke bug
I have linux and I can. It's like the smoke doesn't exist at all for me.
I have linux and I see through smokes after the update.
Yeah but what are you going to do? You have to participate at least by voting. Otherwise you let other people have more power on your expense.
Top 5 worst eu countries
Italy is the worst. Big country but never had any kind of scene.
Styko brought mouz back
Replacing styko with snax was one of the dumbest decisions in the history of csgo.
[+18] Steroids
I did a very small dose cycle of test and deca. Never in my life have I felt so good. It felt like I had a pump all the time and when I trained my muscles felt insane. I decided to stop at that beca...
explain this
elec had lots of eco kills.
Mou is muslim
Ethnic Kazakhs like mou, Hobbit and Adren are usually Muslim.
Ugliest flag?
Best: Imperial Japan Worst: Saudi Arabia
NRG vs
pasha is totally clueless.
Pedophiles are not bad people
Killing is an act. Sexual abuse of a child is an act. Having homicidal thoughts is not an act. Being pedophile isn't an act.