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+18 r8 pussy part 2 (no bait)
Nubile Films - Clover and Paula Shy - Allow Me
+1 This kid will never make it. VP should have already kicked him.
+1000 He is horrible. I have watched CS for over a year and never seen any potential in him. He should have been kicked already.
SkinChanger Bannable
Good. Changing the appearance of the game with external programs in any way should result in a ban.
Serious N-word thread!
+1 That's just crazy. Why the hell did he invite her in the first place if he's going to do that? Is this some kind of publicity stunt?
Why are there no African-Americam players in csgo ?
It must be structural racism.
Best muslim players?
1. Hobbit 2. Tarik 3. Xantares 4. Adren 5. ISSAA / woxic
If Sweden is ever attacked, all they are able to do is bend over and spread their butt cheeks.
s1mple rekt k0nfig
s1mple is dumb as fuck. k0nfig was congratulating guardian for his sportsmanship and for not giving up when he had one of the worst games of his career.
Hot girl arrested on twitch
The prisoners are changing rapidly. I was hoping that someone had clipped the hot girl.
Liquid vs Astralis
3. Liquid picked Dust2 Well done Zews. Well done.
Hot girl arrested on twitch
Merkel worst German chancellor SINCE HITLER
We were here before Sweden and Russia. Maybe it's time to share Swedish and Russian territory with Finland?
Merkel worst German chancellor SINCE HITLER
Hitler lifted Germany from WW1 ruins to the most developed country in the world. Merkel has ruined Germany.
Astralis vs FaZe
They dropped him ak so that he would get a kill.