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Beirut explosions
The strength of that explosion is insane. There are going to be several hundred if not thousand people killed.
Beirut explosions
Good idea to store tonnes of highly explosive material in the middle of a big city for years. What the hell did they think was going to happen? It was just matter of time when it was going to explode.
Why do care about 270 dollars? One bottle of beer cost that in Norway.
Trump LUL
Trump is absolutely right. Does he have to spell out it for you to understand? Germany is completely energy dependent from Russia and USA is spending billions a year to militarily defend Germany from...
mute banned in cs:go
All cheaters can avoid this with their hundreds of fake commends? GG Valve
Your richest item in cs go
3 cobblestone souvenir cases
China in 1950
It's all thanks to Deng Xiaoping to transformed communist dictatorship to statecapitalist dictatorship.
R8 my gf's cat
You are doing it wrong. You should have said "gf's pussy"
Corona canceled?
Corona is real. The virus exists. But all these quarantines and taking away basic rights is the biggest power grab of recent times.
Playing at tier 4 vs playing at tier 1.
Atheist bettors come
Does God know whether you really believed in Him or just worshiped in hope for getting into paradise? And does he care? Does Allah care whether you are sincere in your faith or not? Or is it enough f...
Help Ant1ka
"peripheral lung cancer stage lV, metastases of the pelvis, spine and multiple lungs metastases." I am sorry to say but it's game over. Forget any treatments and just give her good palliative care fo...
Mantuu underrated
I haven't seen anything special from him against tier 1 opponents.