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Your gaming desk
New picture. looks kinda worse rofl but better gear. New headset (HD 58X Jubilee) with a modmic 5. New mosepad (Artisan FX Shidenkai), better speakers. More custom keycaps rofl.
Your gaming desk
Here is one from almost a year ago now.
Ghost vs eUnited
Imagine keeping neptune
Swole Patrol vs INTZ
Denial sign ex-Bravado
Lets hope the org dont scam this time. New owner but still, Denial has a long history of not paying players etc.
Watching CS:GO in 2019 "There’s currently a power outage affecting our studio for the #IEM Katowice Minor, our team is working on getting everything up and running as soon as possible."
kjaerbye legs WTF
You are really toxic. Pathetic and sad.
I dont even know where to start. I like all his projects. He has so many classics. His first solo album after KMD with Operation: Doomsday in 99 for example. He is not afraid to try different things....
Here are some artist i like: Blu Cool Calm Pete Earl Sweatshirt Jonwayne Loyle Carner MF DOOM (GOAT) Milo Rejjie Snow Slow Thai
add kioshima
Refrezh > Swag
Wonder why...
Refrezh > Swag
Nah, thats shroud. Swag actually was legit talent before he was banned.
Refrezh > Swag
I dont agree. Swole Patrol is on the rise and Ghost (steel). Also it must be so demoralizing knowing you can never play a Valve event. both steel and swag could not play the major qualifier.
5 Worst Pro Players on CS:GO teams
Deadfox Edward Sixer Fifflaren ngiN Neo (sadly atm) Adren (when in liquid) retired? SmithZz (retired for now) skadoodle (in the end.)
[NO LYING] What is your IQ?
I did the swedish mensa test, i got around 135.