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Epic games store.
"They killed UT so they can focus on shitnite lul." Tbh UT died way before fortnite.
Old games to play
Respect for including BFME, but 2 was better than 1 by far.
Old games to play
Play Battle for Middle Earth 2
islamophobia getting worse
x doubt
Pros stupid?
Assuming they were smart with their money they currently have it made better than you will even if you have an education.
Kio emptying inventory after KQLY ban
are u stupid lmao
Kio emptying inventory after KQLY ban
This is literally a 16 tick demo how can anyone make any assumption based off this?
Astralis salary?
It would be very good for the government in terms of handling national debt, but it would be a very huge problem for the people living in the country. They also have a duty of care for its citizens. W...
Bernie Sanders
It's not doing fine economically per se, but Trump has done wonders compared to Obama in that particular aspect.
Bernie Sanders
Nice joke
Astralis salary?
NHS going private is literally the worst possible thing that can happen for people in general. As far as Brexit not affecting it I feel that's wrong entirely. One of the biggest problems with the NHS ...
Astralis salary?
You clearly have a terrible lack of comprehension, go improve your reading skills before calling someone else ignorant or a moron.
Astralis salary?
And the reason for that funding being so low is partially why Brexit gained so much support. Don't forget that in general many workers within the NHS are underqualified.
Astralis salary?
NHS isn't at all shit, but it is bleeding and getting worse.