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CS fan & player since 2nd grade. Started with 1.5 in Kaunas internet cafes around 2003.
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What is Lithuania?
3 cities? Thats pretty good for a 'Baltic state' as LT is labeled so much now a days. Considering I've been to Tartu and Daugavpils and those are small villages compered to Kaunas.
Swole Patrol vs
0 star match lul? VP in recovery mode against top old NA talents like freak and swag
What is Lithuania?
Yes, yes of course. But why not go deeper. There were no 'Ruthenians' when Algirdas was liberating Kiev from the Golden Horde. It was many small fragmented ex-Kievan Rus territories. I know it hurts, ...
What is Lithuania?
Exactly, but if not for Lithuania then 'Ukraine' would have been swallowed by Muscovy even faster. You know Musovia wanted Kiev to be their capital because it was on important trade routes, and histor...
Last human on earth
Find a storage of those 2018 high quality sex dolls and robots. Explore USA nature, and live in the south during winter. Read books on how to drive an ocean liner and get my self to Europe.
What is Lithuania?
Why isn't there a 30 foot Statue of Olgerd in Kiev, the guy to thank for why Ukraine exists today. Otherwise Ukraine would have been the southern Novgorod. Simply additional oblasts of RF.
Swole Patrol vs HellRaisers
I see that you got that Vytis white in their too, what a human. Btw its just my current location. I know it is a cucky move, but honestly its csgo scene in 2018 and LT has had some bad news recently s...
Teacher Sexually Harrased Student Yea she looks like shit in mug shot, she used to look a bit better.
Teacher Sexually Harrased Student
My teacher got caught. She brought a mom with her son as guests and got cought sucking dick
Swole Patrol vs HellRaisers
easiest ap classes?
military history
2018 Worst Year?
Lapland ftw
I would only go to Finland in summer solstice or deep winter, because awesome nature. Cities there are boring, sry Finland.
hes good enough for imperial, neil M manages that team. We all know the power of Irish cs knowledge