CS fan & player since 2nd grade. Started with 1.5 in Kaunas internet cafes around 2003.
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Size of Cityes
Tartu is better than Tallinn?
Dont click here
hey man, I am not kidding many people say this about 2012 (me included)
Dont click here
Man I am going thought a depression episode tonight as well, surprised you didn't say 2007 because that was a good year for most people and me as well. 90's kids we are the last of the past millennium...
Turkey out of NATO
And Poland is an adjacent province of Beijing. So what, yea India is so awesome with 1.3 billion but smells like shit.
You get an invite check email. Don't know how they choose invites, maybe they liked my stats.
I am playing BF5 closed alpha its not that great
Bf3 better
Imagine that you met yourself 15 years old.
I had that thought a few times. But do you care about your self in a different reality, and how things work out there? Then you just come back to current time and so what... or you somehow become you...
price of 1g weed in your city ?
lol fuck that
"redneck" in your language
thats where the term originated from, and I gave you the explanation behind it
"redneck" in your language
why would other languages have a term for a white american farm workers for southern states, in latitudes which Europe dont even have. It would be in Mediterranean and North Africa.
Gambit always very ez game for Imperial
Star Wars IRL
star wars in 2018
RIP Swedistan
Thank god the Baltic Sea protection against sunni lands.