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Day 2 predictions
Alright GL to them ! :D
I miss Pansy
I'm also not enjoying the english stream because of casters, since last day of main qualifier I started watching the ESL french stream and I'm super happy with it, mostly because the casters gives a l...
Day 2 predictions
You see Astralis losing on BO3? Ambitious bet, would be a big surprise
Day 2 predictions
Wow really accurate
Day 2 predictions
Ok Liquid had difficulties beating NiP but after the Na'Vi shitshow VS vitality tonight I don't see them doing anything good on BO3. They had bot moves, stupid calls and they even made mistakes in the...
Why are ENCE playing like noobs?
Still they lack of experience in big competitions and playing fast BO1 in major new legends stage could be hard for a team not used to this kind of events.
Day 2 predictions
yeah not in this world, but we have to becareful of C9 who can turn into beast mode after such a shame of losing 16-0
Why are ENCE playing like noobs?
No experience
Day 2 predictions
Actually the only thing we care about tomorrow is the loss of complexity so we can start earning points for Pick'Em
Why are you a socialist?
This is not at all how socialism works ahah it looks more like the 50's USSR shitshow to me which was far from socialism as all the wealth was actually concentrated in a few pockets who decided everyt...
Why are you a socialist?
That's the point of many left parties now who wants to get rid of the national scale of intervention and build new constitutions giving more power to regional/local entities or metropolitan cities act...
It's so hard being a NiP fan
+1 HLTV ruined my brain. I see bad things everywhere now
Liquid 3-0 pickers come here
Well I tried :D
France wtf
It won't change anything lmao, it's just to fill administrative papers ... Since forever we used "legal responsible 1 and 2" in 95% of french schools and nobody complained. Now that a formal regulated...
Liquid 3-0 pickers come here
It was my first choice, but idk why this morning before leaving home I checked my pick'Em just to be sure and switched BiG with NiP even if I didn't believe it possible. There might be a chance now :D