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GrEta THUMBerg The PERson Of The YEAR
Once again, you shoot the messenger
Until they go mayhem on the beach like on the video
Where am I from
French, born in France from parents born in France form parents born in France from parents born in France, ... And living in Italy rn
R8 Steak mens))
alright, I feel sad for you living in brexit land but I hope you're having some good time :)
R8 Steak mens))
You're a polish living in UK or just a polish fakeflagger?
R8 Steak mens))
Sorry dude, you're just unlucky to be born in a country that struggles really hard with food and gastronomy :/
R8 Steak mens))
Overcoocked, doesn't look really good. Expected from UK
But you just said that favelas are moving away from favelas so what if it's favelas that come to you? This scene is some crazy shit
Sure it's not from your mom's basement that you will get arrested for buttslapping someone
GrEta THUMBerg The PERson Of The YEAR
Dude, the whole point of her action and speeches is "DON'T LISTEN ME, LISTEN SCIENCE AND DO WHAT SCIENTISTS SAY" and still thousands of not millions of cockmunchers keep talking endlessly about her, ...
GrEta THUMBerg The PERson Of The YEAR
Don't waste time with him, he's polish so he probably believes that Satanists homosexuals are conspiring against Christianity and CC is a hoax set up by Jews to steal more taxpayers money. Or somethi...
Greta x Bolsonaro
In your point of view better stop trying to be democratic and let the big corporations fuck us as deep as they can till we lack of lube
Greta x Bolsonaro
Your point of view is understandable but in a long term vision the a consequent part of the survival of humanity depends of the Amazon forest. As Amazon has a global impact it wouldn't be that stupid ...
UK: vote Brexit under the lies that it will boost their public services and NHS. Bo Jo: starving the public sector till it dies to allow private companies to vulture on it
CSGO sequel
People are saying that the game is dying since cs:go has been released. Still it's living more than ever so it might be a really long lasting disease you're talking about