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Champions League 21/22 group stage draw
Because Lille OSC is on group G (so will play on Wednesdays, like Villareal) and PSG has to play on Tuesdays, groups A to D (so the 2 french teams are broadcast on different days, TV money you know)
What to eat?
Can't you eat a proper meal?
Online CS
Well there's a difference between Navi, Vitality, G2, Faze or EG winning tournaments and teams that barely do 4 LANs in a year and reach playoff one time only to win the tournament entirely and never ...
Online CS
Every single tournament is a fluke win what the hell???
Team Vitality LULW
5 blind rush B in a row for Heroic > Vita no reaction, still 3 guys on A, no antirush molotov, No banana agression, just passively waiting for the massive rush to overflood them
lags on grand final
Could it be the observers that are lagging?
lags on grand final
Let's hope so
lags on grand final
What? We're talkign about connection issues
lags on grand final
Let's hope so, it would be a shame to see a grand final ruined by lags
lags on grand final
I'm not playing for Vitality neither being a fan of any of the teams. Just talking about what we saw on screen, even the casters talked about it
Lucktality lmao
lmao then you're just another delusional Ukrainian mad because Navi lost to tier 6 teams. It's not Vitality's fault if NiP > Navi. I hope S1mple is enjoying that 12th spot because he's gonna have to ...
Lucktality lmao
Terribly bad bait
Black screen after death.
If you don't watch what's happening how do you get these info? Do you have a 6th sense telling you "hey they grabbed an AWP and these two guys are always set for retake instead 1st time defense"