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I answer all questions
lmao it's not rock at all
Truth About Piercings and Tattoos
Ok I won't feed you anymore. It's like playing chess against a pigeon. Good day.
Truth About Piercings and Tattoos
Typical American ignoring the culture of other people. Tattoos have been performed for thousands of years all around the world. For some people and civilizations it has a religious or a traditional pu...
I've spent a lot of time on Prodigy but tbh it's shit. Airstrip is not good at all, too much clear space and looong corridors. Piranesi is good.
ENCE disgusting
He arrived with the danger zone update. Might be a 12 yo New fag
Most beautiful capital city of Europe
Most beautiful capital city of Europe
Roma most beautiful by far
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Why is there an IGL role?
I ain't no pro, I just understand the mechanisms of the game. If you want to have a better insight check on youtube there's nice demo reviewers that explain strats and calls very well (or even cooler ...
Why is there an IGL role?
Well, you might not really understand how CS works to ask such question. Maybe you're thinking that pros plays like in random MM games. But having a player dedicated to tactic, strategies, reading the...
real flusha thread.
Flusha is actually a deranker
Yeah, if they keep working next major they might reach top8
French pistols
Thanks for shutting his mouth.
French pistols
Once again another pistol round lost. Which might this time even cost them the map and the entire BO3
French pistols
When ?